The Awakening

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My best friend and I planned a trip to the mall together. We hit up all the hottest stores, and our last stop was Victoria’s Secret. We had some extra cash leftover from payday so we both indulged in buying some sexy underwear. We thought about planning a night out on the town, going to clubs, having some drinks, flirting with some cute guys. But a massive downpour of rain and thunder ruined that for us. Who wants to go out and get pretty when the rain will ruin your hair and makeup anyway? I was disappointed.

But my bestie? She had some ideas of her own. “Who says we have to go out to have fun? Let’s just get pretty for ourselves and stay in tonight. We can model our new underwear for each other.” This was the second best idea, so we bought some wine, headed home, and did each other’s makeup. It was like we were teenagers all over again. We separated our underwear sets, taking sips of wine as we giggled. Her bedroom became our runway. We’d change in the bathroom and walk into the room as we modeled.

So, my bestie modeled all of her outfits, me ranking them on a scale of one to ten. I enjoyed the alluring curves of her body as she strutted around. I hadn’t seen her look this good before. As she modeled, I began fantasizing about things I’d like to do to her, like taste her pussy or suck on her nipples. Or just make out with her. When it was my turn to model, I walked into the bedroom. She grabbed me by my waste and pulled me down on top of her on the bed. “I’ve noticed the way you look at me,” she purred, fingertips tracing my curves. She pulled my face closer to hers, kissing me gently and teasingly. Her tongue traced the fullness of my lower lip before delving into my mouth. Our tongues slide across one another. “I can do that same thing to your pussy,” she whispered tauntingly. She pushed me onto my back, pulling my thighs apart as she left a trail of wet kisses along the rounds of my tits and my flat stomach. Her shiny hair fell over her face. The panties she wore made the rounds of her ass cheeks look amazing.

She tugged at the hem of my panties. “Fuck, these look so good on you, I don’t want to take them off. But I do want what’s under them,” she said. “Then take it,” I replied. She jerked them off of my hips and thighs, glancing up at me before teasing my pussy with her lips. She gently tugged at my labia and clit with her lips before running her tongue around in figure eights. It glided smoothly across my cunt, which had urgent currents of electricity sizzling through each nerve ending. She suckled on the aching, throbbing flesh, soothing it with her lips, coaxing me into cumming. My hips bucked up and down uncontrollably from the pleasure.

She sat back up, rolling over onto her back. “Now, it’s your turn to make my teenaged dream come true,” she said softly. I was more than happy to oblige.


Catwoman vs Batgirl

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