7-11, 4AM

On November 3, 2013, in Erotica Stories, Readers Own Stories, by Beatrix Kix

Me and Beth walked to 711 at 4am to get something to fix our munchies. Our friend Calico
works the midnight shift and he usually hooks us up. Short skirts and sassy attitudes are worth
at least a Slurpee most nights, sometimes a hot dog too.

The parking lot was empty except for Calico’s car. Beth walked into the store ahead of me. The
aisles were empty. We walked to the Slurpee machines. I picked up a cup.

“Well if isn’t trouble,” said a voice behind us. We turned around. Beth sighed. She’s got it bad
for Calico.

He stood there with his hands on his hips and his head cocked to the side. Calico was lean and
lanky with messy hair in three different colors, splotchy blonde, red, and black, which is how he
got his name. “Where’s my hug?” he said.

Beth squealed and we ran down the aisle. He braced himself and we leapt on top of him. Beth
kissed his neck. He spanked us both.

“So what are my favorite girls looking for tonight?” he said. We let go of Calico.

“Slurpees,” I said.

“And trouble,” grinned Beth.

Calico’s gaze flickered down Beth’s long white legs under her short black skirt. “My favorite
combination,” he said.

They stared at each other so hard I swear I heard the fluorescent lights sizzle and pop above
them. I went back to the Slurpee machine and filled up my cup. Beth and Calico stood in the
aisle talking. I walked over to the nachos and cheese dispenser. Something told me we were
getting hooked up tonight.

As I squeezed cheese on a basket of chips, Beth squealed with laughter. She stood by the
Slurpee dispenser. Calico was making faces. She wiped a finger with red Slurpee across his
lips. He sucked on her finger.

I picked up my Slurpee and nachos, said, “I’m going out to smoke,” and walked outside. I sat on
the curb and ate the nachos. It was a warm night. I lit a cigarette and was just starting to feel
lonely when Beth and Calico came out.

Beth slurped on her Slurpee. Calico looked at the ground. “Wow, look at all these butts,” he
said. Beth giggled.

Besides the usual spread of butts littering the walk, there was a wet pile of them by the door like
someone had chain smoked outside for an hour or two, then pissed on the pile. I took out my
phone and took a picture of the soggy butt pile.

Calico leaned in. “You’re taking a picture,” he said. He smiled huge and said, “That’s so gross!”

Not to be outdone, Beth screamed, “I’ve got a picture for you!” Me and Calico both watched as
she walked to the back of Calico’s car.

“Well come here and take a picture!” she said, and we followed her. She handed her Slurpee to
Calico and grinned. She put her hands on the back of his car and pushed out her butt so her
ass hung out from under her tiny skirt. I took a picture. Then Calico set the Slurpee down on her
butt. He and I both laughed.

“Hey!” said Beth. I took a picture, quick. She picked up the Slurpee cup off her back and stood
up straight. Her face was pink.

“Your face is about the color of that Slurpee,” Calico said.

Her face burned brighter. “Shut up!” she said and giggled uncontrollably for a minute, then
stopped and coughed a little in her throat.

“I’m going to the back room to get a broom and a mop,” said Calico. To Beth he said, “Do you
want to help me?”

“Can I help, too?” I said.

“I can only have one person back there at a time,” said Calico. “Actually I’m not even supposed
to have anyone back there.”

“Why don’t you just get an ice cream and wait?” said Beth. She bugged out her eyes at me.

“Okay,” I said. “I’ll wait.”

We all went inside. I picked a drumstick out of the ice cream cooler and went back outside while
Beth and Calico went to the backroom to fuck. I ate the drumstick, smoked a cigarette, and
started to feel lonely again. I took out my phone and looked at the picture of Beth with a Slurpee
on her butt. I uploaded the picture to a couple dirty blogs and giggled to myself. Boredom can
lead to all sorts of mischief.


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