I guess this is a good place to share my story of what happened to me last year and I know that in a million years these events could never line up again. My best friend, Arnie, was having his bachelor party at a local pub here in Bristol. We decided about halfway through the even that we were not stopping here and did a pub crawl. We went to six pubs in the area and at the last things got stranger. We were all quite wasted, six guys out on the town, and at the last pub apparently Mike, my best friend, got a little too mouthy with some beefcake dude out for a few pints and suddenly the next thing I know we are all in a good old fashioned movie bar brawl from the best American western movies. Fists are flying and testosterone levels are high. None of us have the legs to walk much but our fists are flailing fairly decent still. We actually got thrown out halfway through the fight and the street became our fight ring.

That’s when we were all fighting, a total of 10 men and two street hookers suddenly got involved because they were jostled in the mix. The girls were about 22 years old, and hot as hell and I took a step back from slinging some bloke and said “Dude, we got ladies in here, you want to stop and just chill the fuck out for a few?” He stirred, blinked a few times in his drunken stupor and peered at the hotties that were between us. “Damn, girl, you fine and I won’t hit a lady.” He said slurringly. We all stopped and just looked around and suddenly in some kind of weird twilight moment we all started laughing. At this point, no one knew what we had fought about anyway and we had two ladies looking hotter than Julia Roberts in street garb gawking at us.

I was growing a boner looking at them and with the sort of night it had been I knew that I wanted more than anything at that moment to get laid and call it a night. I was the richest guy of the group and we were all looking sort of fuck hungry at that point. I sidled up to the first girl near me and said “Hey, babe, we are all a little weary and need some respite in order to chill. What would you and your friend here be looking in compensation for due to our boyish immaturity? “ Her smile suddenly grew wider and she said, “We have a motel ready together down the alley there” and she quoted a price for the both of them and servicing ten horny drunk men. They knew it was payday gold and we knew it was going to be hotter than a penthouse forum letter.

Back at the hotel, we did end up sort of standing around for a few moments all a little lost at the logistics of it. Two girls and ten guys in various states of arousal but it was game over when the two hot hookers named Delilah and Cassie started kissing. They had been paid up front and were not in the least bit shy.

Delilah and Cassie took to each other’s mouths and in their fluid saliva exchange of kisses somehow their clothes slowly dissolved until the two were entwined naked on the flimsy hotel mattress. Some guy we’d been fighting was now standing as naked as them at the foot of the bed and one blond hooker was suddenly sucking that huge cock and we all began to shed our clothes.

Those two lovely ladies were hot as hell and ready to party because we all took our turns and the free for all became the best night of our lives. Arnie seemed hesitant at first being as he was getting married soon but when I looked up later on in the night, he was being fucked by one while eating the pussy of the other like a man starved for water. A man’s code is never broken on a bachelor night and this was the perfect night for secret keeping. Especially when I saw two blokes I’ve known since high school both having a rather good go at a double penetration on Cassie and sharing a man kiss that for some unknown reason turned me the fuck on for another go at Delilah

So our night was never spoken of after and the experiences are kept in our hearts and horny dreams for ever after but still never forgotten. I just had to get it off my chest. Thanks for reading.


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