A Stressed Housewife

On September 23, 2015, in Dirty Little Secrets, Readers Own Stories, by admin

I know it’s wrong but I can’t help it, you see, I’ve developed a recent obsession with my window cleaner. It started as an accident. I was grabbing an afternoon shower a few weeks ago while the kids napped, and accidently flashed the window cleaner. He flushed in embarrassment and politely averted his eyes, but I could tell he was interested.

I’m married but my husband is always away on business trips, he’s in Hong Kong more often than he’s home. I’ve been bored since the twins were born and I get no time to unwind, these days my afternoons are like gold dust. It had been a long time since I’d felt any kind of sexual thrill and as I gripped my towel, instead of being embarrassed, I found myself excited. This guy was young, there was maybe a ten year age gap between us, and he was so handsome. He stood in tight jeans, blissfully shirtless as he quickly cleaned the windows. In a way I wished he would slow down and stay a little longer.

The first time it really was an accident, but I can’t say that for every time.

Every week I found myself in that kitchen with an excuse to flirt with the window cleaner. At first it started off with another towel incident, but I gradually got bolder as he stopped blushing and started staring. It started to quickly get out of hand, before I realized it, I was bending over my kitchen table with my shorts around my thighs.

There’s nothing more thrilling than feeling his eyes all over me. It’s like I’m in a day dream as I bend over and show him how I fuck myself. It’s the best stress relief I’ve ever had, and I don’t plan to stop any time soon.


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