Okay, so I’m crazy to the rest of the world. Let’s get that out into the open now. Am I clinical? Who knows? but I did have an extra-terrestrial experience that may or may not be real to you. It was real to me. I have seen E.T. I have seen Men in Black. But I wasn’t into it you know? I didn’t believe until I moved to Roswell with my parents when I was 17. Why did we move there you ask? Well Daddy was working in Las Vegas and Mommy, a God fearing Mormon, didn’t want to live close to such debauchery so he commuted on weekends.

This leaves her and me in Roswell, N.M. and taught me that aliens are very real and quite horny beings apparently. Look simply put, I’m not gonna try to convince you they exist because I know the truth and I am the mother now of an alien baby that was whisked away from me. The father was named Qark and I did not name my baby who was mostly male though Qark told me telepathically that his name is Quil-anne. My name is Anne. Again, I cannot explain well enough and I will not be going to get into the gender issues of this race because sometimes it boggles my mind even.

I met Qark one night at the little man-made lake on our property. I was nearing my 18th birthday and I liked to wander the property alone in my teenage angst, angry that I was made to leave my little town that I had grown up in to come here. I read novels alone and I cried often but I tried not to let Mom see my anger because she cried a lot too. So, I escaped into my own world. Then Qark came to me.

He was a short guy that walked on two legs and looked very human but his head was large and his eyes though normal looking seemed to have a very crocodile look in that he could blink but still be opened eyed. I was terrified and wanted to run but my head buzzed painfully and he told me to not be afraid. I had been there a month already coming to the lake to think and be myself.

He touched me once on my forehead and I was transfixed to the spot as thoughts were suddenly transmitted to me that he was from a planet far away and they were dying out. They needed to reproduce but their “ladies” had lost that ability due to depression. When I was released from the pressure of the images, I knew what he wanted. There was so much to take in but the point was they needed to continue their race and create heirs. Qark asked if I would be able to do his bidding. I simply shrugged. How do you do that? How do you consent to a creature that stands 4 foot tall and throws mental images into your head?

I did not need words but I conveyed to him that I had only kissed a few males on my own planet and did not know what to do. He nodded solemnly and his fingers reached out for me. These web-like things were gentle I admit and I knew he meant me no harm. Yet, when he connected with my chin and lifted my eyes to his own I felt what? Seduction? Sadness? Vulnerability? Yes, all these in an instant. Why was I chosen? I don’t know that. The right place, right time for him?

I was conditioned to suddenly desire to lay across the ground and I lay prone in a heartbeat. My skirt lifted with a motion of his hand and then with him being ten feet from me I felt a pressure deep on my clit that probed intensely. The intensity was like three hands rubbing and feeling like a college frat boy but the skill level was beyond compare. I squirmed and ached and despite my cognizance that this was strange I was lapsing into pleasure that I had only read of. I wanted more and as it increased I found my slickness getting more and suddenly I shrieked to the trees and the water and begged for it to never stop. Suddenly though it did and all was still as my woman hood clasped and unclasped in the biggest out of this world orgasm ever and since. Next thing I know he was no longer ten feet away but over me and his body was ready. The cock of an alien dangled but not in a man way at all. It is hard to describe, please forgive me, but it was there unsheathed from his stomach as he seemed to have no groin. It was phallic I admit but not flesh colored. More a shade of green that I can’t well describe other than to say it was almost the color of leaves changing in the fall but not quite headed to brown. I did not reach up as instinct told me with human males and he leaned down over into my body. His eyes met mine and sort of smiled as I was suddenly plundered by his “cock”. My pussy opened like the virgin flower it was and there was no pain as I expected but the sudden shock of being full and feeling what felt like soft anchors attach to the walls of my vagina was incredibly erotic. He moved against me and I gave over to a feeling that bordered on euphoria. My mind wanted to explode and it wanted to feel this feeling forever but well apparently alien sex is not about duration but results and just as I was near wracking with another orgasm, I felt heat that no man has ever spilled into me since and I knew that my cervix was opening for some supernatural cum to find my blossoming flowering egg. My eyes rolled back in my head as that heat sent me over the edge and I came openly, squirting out as I have never done in the thirty years since.

By the way, gestation of an alien baby is only three months and Qark was beside me most nights. I wanted to be filled again but procreation is the only goal not pleasure with this race so he never indulged me again. My “son” was taken two minutes after I gave birth and Qark only visited me one time after to say thanks and he wanted me to forget. I told him to fuck off and let him go without altering my memory that would make people think I am unstable. I have my secret but I share it


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