An Exciting Ride

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Hi, I got a secret to share.
One day, as I was about to leave work, and my colleague asked me for a ride home. I was on my motorcycle, and since I liked her very much, I said yes! So I drove her to her apartment.
On the way, as we drove we talked a lot, and I felt that she was holding me tight. At first I startled, but later on I was relaxed and wasn’t worried. As we went on, each time we were closer to her place we would get more intense and hotter. I noticed her hands was caressing my body, each time going lower and lower. She then reached my dick and started to mess with it, making me so horny that I was going berserk!
I always wanted to fuck her, because she was always tempting me. When we reached her house, she invited me in, and ofcourse I didn’t think twice, and got in. Once inside we kissed madly and I tore her clothes apart, and started to suck those delicious breasts. Her hands would slide down on my body until it reached my dick, she then she got down and started to suck it, she gave a perfect blow job. She was fantastic! So we went to her room and then I licked her whole body and started to suck her pussy. After that I penetrated it madly. It was a marvelous night… I can hardly wait to give her another ride!

A Exciting Ride

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