“Jamie Anderson?”

I jumped at the sound of my name, then smiled politely at the receptionist who’d called it. I glanced over at my competition as he sat in his chair. I was glad I got to go first.
“Yes, that’s me,” I said, standing up and smoothing my skirt over my legs.
“Mr. Mitchell will see you now.”

My heart was pounding as I walked through the office waiting area, trying to review all the information I’d packed into my brain. I had never been so nervous for a job interview in my life. I had worked really, really hard to land this job — an executive assistant at one of the best marketing firms in the city. I’d spent years making coffee, copies, and connections. I went to business school, and I gained the reputation of a workaholic in my group of friends. All that time, I told myself I would never, ever become one of those women who sleeps their way to the top.

But after making it through two rounds of interviews, I was starting to reconsider. I didn’t have any other prospects lined up after my current temp gig ran out, my bills had to get paid somehow, and plus, Jack Mitchell was hot as hell. Plus, the only other person being considered was a man, so unless Jack Mitchell was gay, I had a leg up. And from the way he’d always looked at me back when I was a temp for the company, I didn’t think that was very likely. In fact, I’d always been pretty sure he was interested.

He gave me a warm smile as I walked into his office, and he shut the door behind us.
“So,” he said. “We’ve already talked about your qualifications and your background. You know this job pretty well. So why don’t you tell me why it is that you want this job. Tell me why you should get it over another candidate.”

“Actually, Mr. Mitchell —“
“Jack,” he interrupted. “Call me Jack.”
“Jack,” I continued, hoping I didn’t look as nervous as I felt. “One of the biggest reasons I want this job is so that I can continue working with you.”
“Yeah. When I worked here as a temp two years ago, I… I sort of had a crush on you. I thought all the time about trying to seduce you, but I was always too shy. But I’m not shy anymore.”

Suddenly, he stood up and started walking toward the door. “I think you should get up,” he said. “I think we’ve talked enough.” Obediently, I stood and started to follow him. Oh no.
But when he reached the door, he didn’t open it. He locked it and looked back into my eyes. I looked down and saw he was getting hard. “Yeah,” he said, “we’ve definitely talked enough.”

He pulled me to him sharply — as he kissed me, one arm locked around my back while the other went straight to my breast. Oh, this felt good. This felt really good. Jack led me to his desk, setting me on it. He pulled my silky blue shirt out of the waist of my gray skirt, and pushed my skirt up my thighs. As I scrambled to undo his belt buckle and pants, he reached up my shirt, squeezing both my nipples through my bra. I let out a little cry of pleasure as I unzipped his slacks, freeing his penis. He worked my clit through my panties and tilted his head back and moaned as I began to stroke his shaft.

That’s when we heard three sharp knocks on the door.

We pushed each other away just as quickly and instinctively as we had come together. He tucked his shirt back in hastily and fumbled to redo his slacks and belt. Meanwhile, I gave up on tucking my blouse back in and zipped my skirt quickly. He glanced back at me as he neared the door, and I gave him a silent nod as I sat back in my chair.

“Yes?” he said as he opened the door a little.
His receptionist was on the other side. “Sorry to interrupt the interview,” she said. “You’ve got a phone call from your brother, he says it’s urgent.”

“Ah,” Jack replied. “His wife is past her due date. I told him a long time ago to call me as soon as she went into labor. Tell the candidate in the lobby that we’ll have to reschedule his interview, please.”

“Of course,” she said, disappearing. Jack turned back to me.
“Looks like we’ll have to take a rain check, Anderson.”
“Yeah. But unfortunately, we’ll be seeing more of each other.”
I grinned.
“You’re hired,” he said.


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