There’s never anywhere for me and my girlfriend to hang out, it gets kinda boring living in such a small town. Sometimes we drive out to the city and to the cinema where no-one knows us. It’s great because it’s dark and comfortable and no-one pays attention to what’s happening at the back.

It’s always easy to get my girlfriend relaxed enough to let me do whatever I want to her. It takes just a few kisses to her pretty lips and down her neck to have her trembling in my arms. She lets me finger her and sometimes she gives me head. But last week I went down on her and it was amazing.

She was wearing a dress so it was easy to push it up her creamy thighs and slip between her legs. Fuck, she was such a good girl, staying nice and quiet as I licked her dripping pussy. The theatre wasn’t full but there was enough people that if anyone looked close enough they would see what I was doing to her. She managed to stay quiet, to muffle to soft sounds of her heavy breathing into her coat.

I sucked at her clit and slipped two of my fingers into her, fucking her expertly and knowing how to reduce her to a quivering mess.

I love the way that she rolls her hips grinding her pussy against my face as if she can’t help it, fuck, it makes me so hard. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but I didn’t want to risk it. I think I’ll save that adventure for next time.


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