At The Gym

On September 17, 2015, in Dirty Little Secrets, Readers Own Stories, by admin

I started going to the gym a few months ago with one of my girl friends, Linda. She’s pretty fit, she’s short and very slender and toned, where as I’m short but I have a fuller figure, I have an hour glass shape and large breasts. I’m not looking to lose any weight, just to tone up like she’s managed to do. She’s been teaching me all the tricks.
Except the most exciting part of this hasn’t been how firm my ass is getting. It’s Linda.
After we work out, we always shower and that’s when the real fun starts. We share a cubical because it’s normally pretty packed in there, and as soon as we pull the curtain across she’s all over me. She sucks and kisses at every part of my body and leaves me a quivering wreck. I can do nothing but bite my lip and try to keep quiet as everyone showers around us, oblivious to what’s happening.
It’s the highlight to my week.


Photo Source: I Love Lesbians

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