At the Hotel

On September 20, 2015, in Dirty Little Secrets, Readers Own Stories, by admin

I was on a business trip and a few days in a couple of newlyweds checked in next to my room. I was tired and bored and thought about going to the local bar to pick up some company until they got back to their room. At first I rolled my eyes because the walls were so fucking thin I could hear everything they say. But it was clear they were fucking by the time I gave up on the idea and got into bed.

The woman sounded like a freak in the sack, she moaned and screamed and begged her husband. I shamelessly got my cock out and jerked off to the sound of her being pounded into the mattress.

She must have been pretty drunk because as I passed her in the morning she look down and blushed furiously. I winked at her.


Photo Source: Little Princess Tumblr

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