Sometimes, it’s funny how life works out. I got divorced because my wife caught me fucking the babysitter and then I was a weekend Dad for three years until my ex-wife was killed in a car crash which suddenly brought me back to being a full time single father. This brings me back to the need to hire a babysitter so I can support my family. Well, obviously my previous babysitter was not an option so it was back to the hiring process and interviews. My son and daughter are five and four years old. I put an ad into the local classifieds online and waited.

It was tedious work and I went through three grannies that gave me the creeps, one with a rheumy cough, the third that looked like she was Ma from the Goonies until I found two that were workable. One, Kelly, was a stay at home wife aged 30, with no kids who was bored, her husband away in the military and she did a lot of volunteer work to stay busy but wanted to make some cash. The second was Millie, a 19 year old college student. Kelly was perfect in availability but had little childcare experience and Millie was an online student looking to make some cash and study when she could. Really, I had no idea which one to choose and their personalities were great. My decision impending, I decided to have both of them come to meet my children and see which one they likened to more.

I chose to do it on a Saturday morning when my ex-mother in law was coming to take the kids at noon and this gave both women two hours of getting them ready and I would supervise (a.k.a. lurk in the background) if needed to step in. They arrived at 10am and I watched. Both kids took to both of them immediately! However, I sensed something that was odd, a tension between the two women but I put it down immediately to competition for the job. All went down really good though and I was leaning toward one more than the other in choice. That is until my kids grandma came and picked them up then all hell broke loose.

“What the hell, Kelly? I was giving them a snack and you just got in my way and took over!” Fumed Millie. “You don’t even need this job! I do.”

A fight ensued in my kitchen, verbal and loud. I had to admit, both women were beautiful angry and I hung back out of sight and watched. Then I saw Kelly snatch a handful of Millie’s hair and pulled her toward her in the middle of a tirade. It got weird real quick when Kelly crushed her mouth to Millie’s lips and shut her up mid sentence. I was in shock and waited breathless for Millie to slap her away but instead her arms reached up and she entwined her fingers into Kelly’s hair and returned the kiss.

They both stayed that way for a moment and I was growing harder by the moment but when they broke away I was about to step into the room when they both began speaking and laughing.

“I was surprised when I saw you were my competition for this job, Millie! I was unsure whether you wanted to see me again after our craigslist hookup so I never called you again. I’m sorry. I enjoyed that night so much and I have thought of you so often.” Kelly gushed quickly.

“I’ve wanted you again too.” Millie said with her breath still trying to catch with the arousal I could see in her cheeks. “Where is our potential client by the way?”

I took that moment to sneak up the stairs and turned on the shower and knew it could be heard running from the kitchen. I waited a moment and left it running and snuck back down the stairs. They heard the shower and had taken advantage of the situation. Both were rolling on my kitchen floor near naked and I was standing out of sight jerking my cock hard. I walked in on them when I could not stand it anymore and they guiltily stood up and stared at me in horror.

“You are both hired!” I needed to stammer. I need someone here at all times, the kids are a handful. Kelly when Millie is in school and someone to cook and do light housekeeping too. There is a suite downstairs for you to stay in whenever you want.

I ended up getting the best of both worlds and more with my new hired help. Eventually though, I married Kelly and we kept on Millie as our babysitter and playmate.


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