Bored at Work

On October 25, 2013, in Dirty Little Secrets, Erotica Stories, by Katie Finch

Back in my senior year of high school, I worked at this crappy family video store in my hometown. It was an easy way to make some money of my own, but it could get pretty boring, especially when whole hours passed without a customer. That’s why I was so happy when Nick, one of my friends, applied to work there with me. I put in a good word with my boss and he started right away.

At first, hanging out with Nick at the video store was just like hanging out with him at school. We’d joke around and tease each other just like always. But after a while, being alone with him led to me noticing things I hadn’t when we were in a group. Nick was totally into me! And even though he was a little geeky, I’d always thought he was cute. I didn’t know why he’d never made a move before, but one Wednesday night, I felt ready to take charge.

I’d made sure to look a little sexier than usual at school that day, putting on a fitted t-shirt with a deep v-neck along with my most curve-hugging jeans. I’d curled my hair and made an effort throughout the day to stay closer to him than usual.

But when we were together at work, I started to doubt myself. Nick was acting even more nervous than usual, and he was barely speaking to me at all.

A couple of videos slid through the return slot, breaking the silence. Nick and I both reached down for them at the same time, and while we were bent over, I caught him taking a long look down my shirt at my cleavage.

“Sorry,” he said, realizing I’d seen him.
“Don’t be,” I said. “I don’t care if you look.”

He looked shocked at my bold response, but before he could say anything, I spoke again.

“Okay,” I said, picking up the videos. “What do we have here?” The first video was normal — Armageddon — but the one underneath it was a porno. I never could remember the title of it, but I do remember what was on the cover — a busty woman sandwiched between two men, one cock in her pussy and another in her mouth. It was something I always wanted to try.

“Uh, I’ll put that away,” Nick said.
“Wait,” I said, grabbing him by his hips. “I think that can wait. I’ve got a better idea.”
“What’s that?” he said. He looked a little less nervous now. Before I could talk myself out of it, I kissed him deeply, sticking my fingers in the waistband of his pants while I did it. He pulled away after a moment, looking around the store.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “Nobody’s here. Nobody’s ever here.”
“Katie, are you sure?”
I nodded and kissed him again. He started to lean against me, pushing me back against the counter. I felt his hand make its way down the front of my shirt, trying to move my heavy breast out of my bra. I almost stopped him, but he had his mouth on my nipple before I could say anything.

Then, I gently pushed him back and fixed my shirt and bra. My hands went for the front of his pants. I took out his penis and dropped to the floor, hearing him breathing hard as I took him into my mouth and got to work. I wetted the whole length of his shaft and worked my mouth back and forth on him, trying to pay special attention to the tip of his penis. I heard him moaning in appreciation. I ran my tongue across the tip, then up and down the sides of him, then took the length of him back into my mouth. He put his hands in my hair and started to rock his hips, thrusting gently. His moans were still muffled, but they were becoming more frantic, and I knew he was about to come.

“Ah — ah — Katie — oh don’t stop — yeah…”
Sure enough, I felt him start to spurt into my mouth. I did my best to steady his hips so he wouldn’t slip out of my mouth and make a mess behind the counter. When I finally felt him stop, I swallowed and stood up. I reached for my water bottle and took a swig, smiling at him mischievously. Work was a lot more fun after that day.


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