When I was ten years old my breast were coming out of my dresses that I had, so I told my mother about this to buy some bras, but instead, my mother bought me some sexy bras. I was too young to wear that, so I went to the shop and decided to buy some normal bras.

I asked the guy who worked there to help me with a bra, and he told me to come with him, so I did. Then he hands me a bra as I stand in the changing room and I told him to go, then he told me that he has to see if it fits or not, so I agreed on that. I then open my dress while wearing only a panty and he stared at me like a hungry dog. I was a little scared. I noticed that there was a bed there. He then started licking my boobs, it felt so great, so I told him to do whatever he wants. We had sex and after that he made my bra fit too small, and I loved it. After that we slept for 2 hours.

Another day I went there to the same guy and undressed while wearing a mini skirt and panty underneath, he stared at me.
Each time that we meet we go to bed and do some naughty things…


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