I went to local newspaper place my ad: WANTED- Female to work in my home. Complete every tasked asked. Take orders well, always give 100%. No job to dirty or to hard for you. Play any role. Payment in rewards.

The first call, local female asked about the ad. I said we’re doing interviews today at noon. We always did interviews at a motel room she showed up about 55 large breast nice ass fine female indeed at the door I asked will work for cum that’s me she said after going over names and numbers we got the good stuff I always have 3 or 4 other guys at or around the motel well let’s see how good your work is I stood up and took all my clothes off set on the couch laying back I said here stand in front of me she was wearing a low cut blouse short skirt so you want to work for me? Yes she said. Take off your shirt and bra and rub your breast while your talking. She did so, those are nice I told her. Tell me something nasty and wild you’ve done that might help you get the job, while your taking off your panties and playing with your pussy. Taking off her panties rubbing her pussy.

I used to clean homes, I done one about 6 months ago they were rich. The man called me one morning asking me if I could wait until tonight to clean, he said he would pay extra. I agreed! I got there and cars everywhere, he meet me at the door. The house full of men. He took me into the family room and stood me in front of everyone. He said we all have been watching you on a Web Cam cleaning for 6 months and we all agree your one hot little piece of ass. All our wives go on vacation together every year. And every year we all, all 20 of us give some lucky girl 5,000.00 cash and we all tuck the little slut stupid. Now we are going to fuck you. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I knew there was no way out. So I said, you all think I’m hot, and want my pussy. I started stripping everything off. Could I get 4 or 5 of you to push me to my knees and get all around me. Making me suck each one, that’ll get my pussy all wet. They did so, but it was 6 or 8 guys. They all were stripping their cloths their was clocks hanging everywhere. They tucked my mouth choking me with some large cocks, and one by one they pumped my mouth full of cum, making me sick until I sucked all 20 guys off and had a mouth full of their cum. Then they started pumping dick into me. I was getting fucked every way you could think of. I never had so much dick in my life. I found myself stroking my cock as she told me this story while fingerings her pussy.


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