My dirty little secret comes forth because I got a new boyfriend last month that was the absolute dream in romance from the moment I met him. He and his friend, Brian, found us at the county fair and latched on to me and Susie, my best friend. His name was Carlos and he had that Latin sexiness that just attaches to his entire personality and when he spoke the liquid gold sound from his voice just melted the inner parts of my soul immediately. Initially, I was dubious that someone that hot would even talk to me, a small petite slightly chubby girl from the Bronx of New York but he was not letting go of me at the fair. He won prizes for me on the games and he kept holding my hand all through the evening. His arms encircled my waist even as he convinced me to ride the Ferris wheel that I was so scared of.

From that night on, we were inseparable. Brian and Susie did not “hook up” as a couple but they were firm friends from that night on. Brian was gay but we did not know it then. My story has nothing to do with them so skip forward with me! Carlos was as I mentioned super smooth, very romantic and I was so quickly falling in love that I could not breathe. But I went with the flow. He treated me like a princess. He opened doors and showered me with lavish things. But one night together alone at his apartment, I felt uncertain when he was unusually quiet and withdrawn. I sat down on his lap on the couch and his arms took me close to him and I asked him what was wrong. He said “Mi hija, I am in love with you but I need to tell you something.” I kissed him against his neck and said “whatever it is, my love, I am ready to hear you.” In hindsight I was not ready but oh the fascination… read on.

He began with a tale of his childhood. It was not roses and sunshine but in short he was forced to be a father to his brother and baby sisters from a young age as his parents were into alcohol and drugs. Peru is filled with drugs in the barrios (neighborhoods) and his parents had succumbed a long time ago. The problem was that he became used to parenting and when he had his first girlfriend he wanted control. He put his girlfriend in diapers he said and treated her like a baby but she called him crazy and broke his heart. But then he still wanted more and bought a whore one night and made her do the same thing to which she was willing. He asked me, was I willing? Oh believe me, I did not know how to answer but yet there was something there. There was a throbbing, an ache that told me that I had to try. I nodded my ascent.

He ran to his bedroom and came back with a box that was locked and when he opened it I strained to see what was there. Inside was a stack of diapers to fit me and a pacifier with a small baby bottle on it. I shuddered and asked what he wanted. He said lay back and he peeled my clothes off while lovingly stroking my body with his forefinger and thumb.

Then when I lay naked prone before him he looked into my eyes and again said “Mi hija, I don’t want to hurt you, I just want to play. I want to diaper you and become a Daddy to you but I need to know now if you can follow my orders and be a good little girl?” Again I nodded. I was intrigued and scared all rolled up in a big ball of excitement and I knew one touch of my clit would send me into heaven. Before he did anything else he said “Say France, if you want to stop.” Then he took my legs and lifted them and placed a diaper under my butt. Just before he closed the diaper he kissed the very tip of my quivering lady hood and I shuddered into a ball of liquid. He closed the diaper around me and lifted me into his arms. He held me close and whispered Spanish words that I did not need to understand. He kissed my head and placed me on the ground. Next there were a few baby toys pulled from the box and he ordered me to play. I built a small tower with blocks and he encouraged me. We did this for half an hour. After this he looked into my eyes and said “Drink baby” and handed me a bottle of warm milk. I did so and we continued to play. Soon, I sensed him watching me carefully and I looked questioningly into his eyes. He asked if I needed to use the bathroom.

It was not desperate yet but yes the need to pee was building. But I sensed what was to come. He told me then that I was not to go to the bathroom but to use my diaper. I shook my head in panic. No, I could not do that. Too humiliating! He said that I was to either trust him or say the word France. I trusted him but my god, to lose that basic control in front of another person was scary. Finally I nodded and pushed my bladder to perform. It was not easy to let go but when I finally felt the pee come forth into the diaper and the wetness fill it and the shame and excitement was evident in my face. He kissed me as I finished and he took off my wet diaper. He fingered my clit and rubbed me into submission. Then he fucked me as I knew and it was intense. He whispered as he held me against him, “Daddy wants more playtimes. Can we? “I nodded and came under him. Daddy teaches me more all the time.


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