Erin and the Stranger – Part 1

On October 14, 2013, in Erotica Stories, Romantic Stories, by Katie Finch

The first time I saw him, I was alone. Well, sort of.

It was around eight on a Thursday night, and I was fresh off my shift at Aqua Adventure, the newly constructed water park I’d been working at all summer long. I worked on a water slide called Jungle River, and even though technically I was a lifeguard, a job I’d held at various pools and country clubs since I was sixteen, all I did was sit at the top of the slide and tell guests when they could go.

My 21-year-old brother Dustin was playing at Flint’s, a gritty bar outside of town, and I wanted to be there for moral support. I was exhausted and a little sunburned after my long shift, and I still looked like a mess. I wore a red racerback tank top and a pair of frayed denim shorts, and had my hair up in a messy ponytail. Jaunt, North Carolina was a small, sort of redneck town, and with my blond hair and fit body, I usually got plenty of stares in places like Flint’s even if I didn’t dress nicely. Plus, as soon as my server brought me a pint of Blue Moon and a cheeseburger, I couldn’t have cared less. The scene was exactly what I needed to unwind.

Then, as I clapped at the end of the third song, I caught a warm, deep voice coming from behind me. I have no idea what he said, or why I turned — there were plenty of other voices around me, after all. But I turned, and saw this tanned, hazel-eyed god who had apparently been sitting behind me the whole time. I’d definitely never seen this guy here before. I took a sharp intake of breath, feeling a vague whisper of a different kind of hunger in me. He was gorgeous, but in such a casual way, like he had just happened to wake up looking perfect. And best of all, he was alone, too. It had to be fate, or divine intervention, or something like that.

At least, that was what I told myself until he got up, put some money in my brother’s tip jar, and left before the end of the set. His body, tall and muscular, looked even better standing up. Shit, I thought as I watched him leave. There went my chance. The rest of Dustin’s set was great, and I felt so proud of him each time the crowd clapped, but I still left the bar feeling disappointed.

I used to be one of those girls who went from boyfriend to boyfriend, but since my last relationship ended I’d been single for almost a year. I’d dumped Chase, my boyfriend of two years after having a lightbulb moment at the end of last summer. Chase had always acted more like a boy than a man, but I used to tell myself it was cute, and he would grow out of it. But when he crashed at my place for a week while his apartment was being fumigated, we were together 24/, and I realized how badly I wanted us to stop being together. With two jobs, I was financially independent as well as socially, and it was nice to only have to take care of myself, but sometimes I got lonely.

Hot as he was, I was pretty sure I’d never see that guy again, so I tried my best to shake him from my mind as I crawled into bed that night. After all, I had no experience hitting on guys. Even if I did see him again, I had no idea what I would say. Either way, my body didn’t seem to want to cooperate with the whole “forget and move on” plan, and the twinge of lust I’d felt when I first saw him began to return. The too-big t-shirt I used as pajamas had ridden up as I got into bed, and my cool sheets rubbed against the tops of my bare thighs. My nipples were hardening even though I wasn’t cold, and I could feel my pulse between my legs.

I ran a hand through my hair, which was now loose around my shoulders, and closed my eyes, letting out a slow exhale. Maybe letting myself dwell on this stranger for a while wasn’t such a bad idea.

My left hand crept its way up my shirt, making its way across my flat stomach to my breast. I pictured myself back at the bar, sharing a table with this mystery man. The jukebox played as the other patrons quickly began to dissipate. His eyes left my face and he stared hungrily into my cleavage.

I squeezed my left nipple and gasped softly.

Suddenly, the bar was empty — or at least it seemed that way to us. We stood up to leave, but as we neared the door, he spun me around and pulled me to him. My arms clung desperately around his neck, working to keep my head level with his as we kissed. He clutched one arm around my back, helping me stay on my toes, and grabbed my ass firmly with his free hand. My right hand was in my underwear, and I rubbed wet circles around my most sensitive spot over and over as I imagined our lips and mouths together. I moaned — both in my fantasy and out loud.

In my dream world, my moan fed the stranger’s desire. My feet barely touched the ground as he guided my body backwards. Once we were up against the wall, his hands shot up the front of my shirt to hold my breasts. His breathing was as labored as mine. I imagined myself breaking away from the kiss for just a second, long enough to use my strong arms to hoist myself up and wrap my legs around his waist. I writhed as I used two fingers to enter my own slick wetness, drawing them in and out as I imagined the feel of his erection straining against me. I wanted this to be real so badly.

I felt myself getting closer as I imagined him prying me from him, setting me down so he could tear my shorts and underwear off me. He looked up at me for a moment, pure lust on his face, and then looped my right leg onto his shoulder and put his mouth on me.

I could tell it wouldn’t take much more. My left hand traveled into my underwear, too, and I imagined his tongue instead of my fingers. Each circle was a caress from his tongue, each gentle squeeze of my clit a playful bite. My hands kept working as my whole body began to shake, and as I dreamed of his tongue entering me and moving inside me, I lost it. The pitch of my moans became higher and higher, and my hips bucked off my mattress. I felt a wave of pleasure and endorphins cover me as I came down from one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever given myself.

I lay in bed, breathing heavily. My heart pounded. I decided that whoever this stranger was, I had to see him again. If he was this good in my dreams, I had to see what he’d be able to do in real life.

Erin and the stranger

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