I’ve never been one for putting out on the first date, but I met this guy Mike at work, we clicked straight away and he invited me out for dinner. I was thrilled, it’s been a while since I went on a date and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I put my best dress and dolled myself up, I felt pretty confident that it would be a brilliant night.

None of it went as expected,but not in a bad way, it was because we didn’t even make it out my drive way! What started as an innocent kiss hello, quickly turned into something more. It wasn’t long before we were groping at each other and I found myself climbing into the back of the car. Yes, in my own drive.

I’d never felt anything like it, Mike’s hands were quickly and confidently all over me and I instantly felt my pussy soak my panties at what he was doing to me.

“Is this okay?” he kept asking, and paused a few times and I nodded enthusiastically, part of me worried about what he would think, letting him fuck me on the back seat when really didn’t even know each other so well. I thought I’d blew the date but I was past caring because it felt so good. I was eager to get his fat cock inside me; I was hungry for it. I should have been embarrassed but I didn’t care.

I ended up sitting on his dick at first, I pulled my dress up and sank down onto his swollen dick bare. He was by far the biggest cock I had ever taken and I thought I was gonna come right there with him hardly touching me. I was out of control, I bounced on his dick until I came all over him and then I selfishly rode my orgasm until I squirted my juices all over his dick.

It was the final straw, after that he pulled my dress off, grabbed me by the hair and flipped us so he was on top and I was lying down. He fucked me hard and selfishly and it was exactly what I needed, I thought he was going to split me in two with his dick but I loved every second of it and spurred him on. He came deep inside my pussy and I cried out at the feeling of it.

It was a little awkward for the next few seconds as we dressed in the back seat, I wasn’t sure if I should just go back inside my house and make it easy on him by not making him kick me out the car.

To my surprise he grinned like a madman as he climbed into the front and then asked me where I wanted to go. We had missed out dinner reservations. I told him he didn’t have to take me out if he didn’t want to but he said, “After that, I’ll take you anywhere!” We ended up going to a diner and had a lovely date. Afterwards I invited him inside and he fucked me in almost every room, I was limping by the time he left.

We’re going on a date again next week; his only request is that we make it to the bed next time!


Image source: Can Be Sexy Tumblr

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