First Orgasm

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I’ve been reading a lot of first time stories on here so I thought I would share one of my own “first” memories, I’m quite fond of it.

I was always really sheltered and very innocent; I grew up within an honest, Christian neighborhood. So when I went to college it was a huge shock to see how sexually mature and experienced everyone else was. They didn’t falter when talking about casual sex. It baffled me and made me more than a little curious to what I was missing out on. I was too shy to admit I was a virgin and I had no idea about half the things they talked about.

I had moved into an all girl house that was on campus, I didn’t have any sisters so it was hard to adjust to living with so many women but I somehow managed. There was always an argument and the house practically reeked of hormones, none of the girls were shy when talking about masturbation, I just nodded along and hoped they couldn’t tell that I had never even touched myself.

It was a few months in before I found myself home alone, there was always coming or going. I decided to go for a nice long bath, it wasn’t often you could bathe without someone banging on the door. I enjoyed my soak and then tidied the bathroom before I left. I picked up a few of my friend’s towels and dropped them into the hamper; I rolled my eyes at how messy they were. I was shocked to find a bright purple vibrator on the floor under one of the towels. I slowly picked it up; I was curious to who it could belong to. I thought I should be more embarrassed, but maybe the months before that happened had somehow made me more comfortable with sex than I realized.

I quickly shoved it in my toiletries bag and then ran to my room and locked the door. I felt wrong to steal it but I remember being so excited. The vibrator was about 6 inches long and slender, I pressed one of the buttons and it buzzed to life. I panicked and turned it off. I thought about taking it back to the bathroom, it would be easy to pretend that I had never took it, I could throw it on the floor and no one would be any wiser. Instead, I shoved it under my pillow and tried to forget about it.

It was some time before I was alone in the house again, but as soon as I realized there was no one else there I found myself bolting up the stairs with the full intention of fucking myself. I locked my door and lay back on my bed. I slipped the vibrator under my skirt and pressed it against the material covering my pussy. I clicked it on.

I had never felt anything so euphoric. I’d been thinking about doing this since I had stolen it, but it wasn’t what I expected and nothing could have prepared me for it. My pussy was instantly aching for more, as a pleasant sensation flooded me. I felt myself soak my panties and I was encouraged, I roughly rubbed the vibrator against my clit and moaned loudly as I was assaulted by feelings I had never thought possible.

The vibrator glided smoothly between my slick folds and my hole fluttered and ached to be filled. I’d never touched myself there before yet somehow I followed a crazed instinct, I pulled my panties aside and fucked my sopping wet pussy. I sobbed in relief. I had no idea why I had never done this before.

I was in heaven, my skin was alive from the vibrations and I was powerless to stop the sensations running through me. It was like an explosion of pleasure between my thighs. I couldn’t stop the scream that burst from my lips.

By the time I broke out of my orgasmic haze, I realized I was lying with my thighs and pussy twitching and my bed sheets soaked.


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