Yeah, everyone got a story to tell, even I do, a 20 year old girl. A few months ago, I had a flirt that knew me since I was 12. I was his crush, still am, and we were good friends. By that time, I had no interest in boys, just my schooling and studing. Recently we started talking about old times, and he told me that he missed me, and so i decided to visit him, as a surprise, for old times sakes.

He lived in a bushy area, with a lot of trees and far from civilization, in a 3 story house, with big spaces, big bathrooms, big dinig rooms, big kitchen and big rooms. In the backyard, a road made by rocks lead to a huge waterfall, and on the side a soccer field. I had spent a lot of times there before, and there I was back again.
We talked for a few minutes, had a beer, and then decided to go for a swim, it was my idea, and he agreed. So we went in the water, as we played, he grabbed my waist gave me a tight hug, and I gave him the idea to take off the bathing suit, since we where alone. First, he took of his shorts and then I took of my bikini, since we were friend he didn’t try to grab me by force or anything, we just kept playing like two kids.
I had not noticed, but I started to get extremly horny. My nipples where hard, sticking out like it was asking, pledging for sex, for his dick. I wanted to get out before he noticed that, but it was so cold that I thought he wouldnt pay attention. While we were playing, I started to imagine myself having sex with him, I was so wet and I couldnt get it of my mind. He asked if I was ok, I seemend to be off, I replied I was fine, and then we decided to go inside, it was getting very chilly out there.

In the house they had 3 bathrooms, but only one had warm water. He told me to go first, I accepted, and looked at him, he was shaking cold, and I don’t know what took ahold of me, but I told him to get in the shower with me, and to help scrub my back, since he already had seen me naked, I didnt think it would be a problem. He was behind me, naked, with a scrub in his hands, and my pussy was getting each time more wet, the inside of her was driping wanting sex so badly. The soap sliped from my fingers and instantly I got down to grab it, in that moment, when I got down, my ass touched his dick, it was so hard, that when I touched him I got excited, and I turned towards him and we started to kiss. He grabbed my legs and wrapped them around him and he stuck his dick with a lot of passion that made all of my hairs to stand up, a strong chill took over my body, I moaned so loud that all the neighborhood heard me. After that we went to the bedroom and we made the greatest sex ever. In that day we made sex on every corner of the house.


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