My name is Jordan. I was 15 when I had my first girl on girl experience. Her name was Mabel. She had amazing curves. Nice round breasts and a big ass that caught my eye. I have had a crush on Mabel since we were in 6th grade and it was our freshman year in high school and I wanted something to happen between us. We have been best friends since kindergarten but I realized I had denying feelings for her when I started middle school with her and we kissed playing spin the bottle.

Anyway it was May and freshman year was almost over and I wanted to do something quick. So I invited Mabel to a late night pool meet. We snuck in late at night to the public pool. I didn’t care what happened I just wanted to see her in with no clothes. When we got there she took off her clothes with no hesitation. “Come one let’s jump in” she slowly took off her her shirt and slipped off her shorts she then quickly jumped in. “Come in the water is warm” I quickly ripped off my shirt and un zipped my pants. I slowly walked in. “So slow, I like watching the water rise up your body” I pulled her close and put my hands on her waist “what are you doing to me ?” She leaned in and we started making out. She played around with my tongue ring and bit my lip. I slowly put my hands on her ass and slipped off her panties. I then took off her bra and licked her nipples. She then leaned on the edge of the pool while I went underwater to eat her out. She tasted amazing. I could hear her muffled moans. She pulled me out of the water and she let me finish her off on the grass. As I was I eating her out I grabbed her breast and all you could hear was her moaning. She came in my mouth and it was the most amazing thing I have ever felt. After that night she didn’t become my girlfriend or anything we still went to the pool every night in the summer and remained friends with benefits.


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