Fuck Me

On October 26, 2015, in Dirty Little Secrets, Erotica Stories, Readers Own Stories, by admin

I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help but lust after my boss. I was worried that it would end up getting me into trouble. I just hadn’t planned it would be this kind of trouble!

After weeks of flirting with him (as I was unable to help myself) I found myself bent over his desk. I wasn’t even sure how it happened, one second I was making some kind of crazy innuendo and the next thing he was telling me to bend over.

I squeaked as he rubbed over the globes of my ass and he hit me playfully a few times, at first I found it funny and I grinned into the table. It didn’t fully sink in what we were really doing until he pulled my dress up and then my panties down. He trailed his fingers gently over my ass, giving me goosebumps and my pulse raced in anticipation. Fuck, my boss was going to fuck me in his office!

I heard the first smack before I felt it, a loud sound that seemed to echo around his office, the pain hit a second later and it stung like fuck. I gasped and he barked at me to shut up. I clenched my jaw and felt my cheeks burn in shame, I wanted to please him so I did as I was told. He rewarded me by tickling over the sore flesh and I felt my pussy gush as the sensations hit me. This guy clearly knew what he was doing. He kept that up a few times, he’d spank me and then sooth it with his soft touch. My pussy throbbed to be fucked but he didn’t touch it. I longed for him to stick his dick in me.

It wasn’t long before he was instructing me to open my legs. I did as I was told, a thrill running through me, maybe he was finally going to fuck me! But no, he spanked my pussy, and I could hear wet smack of it, my clit throbbed and he rubbed it expertly after each harsh spank. I was a sobbing mess but I did my best to keep quiet.

After what felt like an eternity I finally felt his cock head pressing against my hole, he didn’t even get it fully inside before I was orgasming around him. He’d made me need it so bad that I couldn’t help it. To feel him stretching my cunt so wide was such a sweet relief. He pulled out a after a few short moments and ripped my clothes off, I was left completely naked on his desk. He grabbed my tits and fucked me roughly, one hand over my mouth to shut me up. I loved every second of it.

I’m not sure if it will happen again, but I feel his eyes on me and I carry on flirting in hope that it will. It was the best sex of my life.


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