Me and my friend Laura were playing a childish dare game, and for some crazy reason I had agreed to strip off all my clothes, aside my lacy cardigan, and have a drive around the neighborhood. We live in a small town and mostly the roads are read, there was no way I’d ever get caught. And I didn’t want to forfeit and pay up twenty bucks so I agreed.

Getting pulled over by the cops is normally embarrassing, but this was so much worse. Normally I’m a good driver and I never have any problems, my license is clean but I was worried I was going to get some points docked. So I ended up doing the first thing that came to mind as those blue lights flashed behind me. I panicked and somehow the adrenaline gave me the confidence that I needed.

I looked over the top of my sunglasses as he pulled me over. I was sure not to act shy as he stared down at my naked breasts and pussy. I knew I had surprised him and I also knew that he liked what he saw. Instead of panicking, I put on my sweetest voice.

“Good evening, officer.” I smiled at him and felt my pussy gush fluid in excitement as he looked me up and down.

“License and registration, ma’am?” His voice was thick with arousal. I nodded and reached into my purse, unfazed I handed him the documents.

“Is there a problem?” I asked him. I raised a foot and rested it on the chair; my legs were open so he could see my wet pussy pressing against the material of the car seat. The man licked his lips. He didn’t look at the documents, he was too busy staring. I wanted him to fuck me.

I’d already gone this far and I didn’t really want to stop, it was too exciting. The officer was an older man, soft streaks of grey in his dark hair, but he was rugged and well-built and I was already thinking about him bending me over the hood of my car and fucking me. My luck was in because he stepped back and opened the door.

“Have you been drinking, ma’am?” We both knew I hadn’t so I played along and went through a full test, the whole time I was stood in only my see through cardigan, my ass, pussy and tits on display to anyone who drove up the deserted country road.

He asked me to put my hands on the hood so he could give me a “strip search”, I grinned and spread my legs. I stood there for a while, staring at my hands and wondering if I’d been too cocky and if he really was going to arrest me.

I felt it with no warning, the hard blunt tip of his big cock pressed into my dripping hole and I felt like he was ripping me apart. His fat dick was huge and he rammed it into my pussy over and over, my own juices dripped down my thighs and I cried out in pleasure. He forced an orgasm out of me and I flopped forwards, I half lie on the hood in complete bliss as he made me come over and over again.

He gave my ass a cheeky slap as he came inside me. He cleaned me up and told me everything was fine and that I should head home.

We’ve been seeing each other ever since.


Photo Source: Fucking Flawless People

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