Donald’s spot on the bed remained so cold these past three years since he passed. I have never managed to get used to having half the bed but always stay on my side. He was a big part of me but lately the dreams have started. The desire to fill that side of the bed with a warm body that will hold me and make me feel again. Funny enough the dreams have been getting more frequent as the packing went on and the night I had put the bed and the boxes into the uhaul truck for the morning, blew up the inflatable mattress and settled in to sleep my last night in the house we had bought together twelve years ago, the dream exploded with more color and heat than even I could have imagined.

I slept fitfully at first but then the slumber gave way to a beautiful white sand beach and every cliché hot beach love scene was in perfect harmony. A guy stood on the shoreline, his toes sinking in the wet sand and his hair blowing in the breeze. The jeans of his pants were rolled up and then he turned as if sensing me watching. His smile was like the sexiest thing and he walked toward me. We met in a kiss without a word and he lay me down on the sand, smiling into my eyes and his hands opened my shirt top without a touch. I lay exposed beneath him. His eyes twinkled as his mouth lowered to suckle on my nipples exposed and hard to the cool beach air.

My arousal rose instantly and I cried out in lust. What is your name I said? He smiled only in return and kissed away my question. Then he lowered to my v in my legs and began to explore slowly intensifying the lavicious feelings I was already experiencing. He licked carefully up the folds of my deep inner lips and when his tongue settled on the joy spot, I nearly exploded. I turned my head left and right as feelings intensified. Then on a left look down the beach I nearly screamed as I saw Donald looking at me. Donald met my eyes and I knew that he was not upset at my position on the sand. He gave me a thumbs up and walked away into nothingness. I wanted to call out for him to come back but then a shudder rose in my groin as an orgasm exploded deep inside. Suddenly before the wave of the big O was over I was filled with the largest cock I’d ever had and the rocking motion filled me deep. I whispered again and he said “Ma’am, you don’t need to know my name, this is your desire, this is your need being filled.” He fucked me hard and gentle lovingly in some weird contradicting way that I never experienced and suddenly I noticed he was wearing a hat like a fireman. Just as I started coming, he looked me deep in the eyes and said “you are so hot, ma’am, you are in danger of being on fire.” I looked confused as he said “you are going to be drowned in the flames. I need to get you out of here, your house is on fire. Wake up, ma’am. You need to come out, your house is on fire.”

The beach faded but the eyes were there as I awoke coughing with deep black smoke in my lungs. Donald’s and my dream house was on fire and the acrid black smoke was pouring all around me. Somehow I was carried out by my mystery man in the helmet. I stood outside watching as a war was waged with water but the house was destroyed. The only good part is I have a date next week with a fireman that has no idea how much I already “know” about him.


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