I Missed Her

On October 25, 2015, in Dirty Little Secrets, Erotica Stories, by admin

I go away on business a lot, and while I enjoy my work there’s nothing like coming home to my wife. We talk none stop while I’m away, whispering dirty confessions down the phone or the lucky times we get to videochat, I watch her fuck her pussy and she stares right at me.

And as amazing as those experiences are, there’s nothing like the feeling of when I get home. She waits me, like the good little girl she is, sits around the house in her underwear because she knows it drives me crazy.

This weekend when I got home I didn’t hesitate to drop my bag on the floor and run to find her in our apartment. I found her in the kitchen, putting away dishes. As usual, she’s in a pair of cotton panties that I love and a small shirt, her hard nipples showing through the thin material. Fuck, it makes me want her more than anything.

I lift her onto the counter, she feels so small and light in my arms, I can do whatever the fuck I want to her and she’d never be able to resist. What I want to do, is get those panties off her, but not yet. I lift her thighs and bury my face into her clothed pussy, I inhale the clean, wet smell of her and she whimpers above me as I start to suck on her pussy lips through the material, soaking it.

She begs above me, “Please, Mike.” And she tugs at my short hair, pulling at the strands. I smirk against her as I practically feel her gush against my tongue.

Finally, after she can’t stand any more, I move the material to the side and look at the mess I’ve made to the pussy before I’ve even fucked it. Her clit is swollen and twitching and her hole clenching around nothing, aching for me to shove my cock in it. I can’t help but dive right back in, I lick deep inside her hole and I moan at the taste, at the hot, wet, silky feel of her against me. I fuck her with my tongue messily until she’s squirting against my lips and begging me to stop.

Then I take those panties off, soaked in her juices and I shove them in my pocket.

I pull my jeans down enough to get my fat cock out and I shove it inside her with no warning. I fuck her hard and fast, selfishly and she clings to me. She powerless to do anything aside from come around my dick uncontrollably until she’s sobbing with pleasure. Only when I’ve come inside her, shoving my come deep into her pussy do I finally stop and let her calm down and catch her breath. Fuck, I missed her.


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