I work in a high school, I’ve been there a few years but this last year they hired a new TA for the science department where I work. I’m the head of the department so I’m training her, it means we spend a lot of time together. The girls name is Amber and she’s a very sweet girl, she’s witty and clever. I liked her straight away, she’s completely my type. I’m married but my wife never fucks me anymore so I’ve been feeling pretty pent up. I always masturbate but sometimes you need a good fuck. Amber is where I get it, and fuck, she delivers.

Within our first week together, the little slut is on her knees and sucking my cock likes she’s born for it. She licks and sucks my balls and chokes herself on it. Her mouth is fucking filthy.

We meet in the science lab after school. I spread her legs and fuck her ass and pussy. She’s fucking dirty, she likes it when I fuck her hard and fast and she pretends I’m her teacher and that she goes to school here instead of working here. Sometimes she pretends she’s not into it but she fucking loves it. She’s kinky as fuck.

To make the deal even sweeter, no-one suspects anything because they think I’m training her. In fact, I get paid overtime. I’m being paid to fuck my TA.


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