It was an adventure kink for Kylie. Her favorite past time was writing and she had started numerous blogs on various subjects over the years but none ever stuck until one day she began to blog about sexual adventures and found herself getting turned on in particular whenever she read or wrote about sexual voyeurism and exhibitionism.

She got particularly curious about what it would be like to be caught in the act of masturbation in public and fantasized about having sex with someone in public as well. She began touching herself in certain places, on the back seat of the bus, on the train and once in a cab. She would come home and using an anonymous blog she recounted those she had seen watching her and what she wanted to try next.

Her blog slowly grew in popularity and she began thinking more daring. She was a single woman but wanted more fun. Ads on sex sites were the next step but she was not getting anywhere. She read all the comments that came into her blog site and noticed one day that there was one that posted on nearly everything she wrote. BigWatcher1346 was his handle and he was always telling her that he got a kick and very turned on by what she was doing. He was articulate and witty in his comments and she began answering her comments from him. One particular day she blogged that she was not as satisfied just frigging her pussy in pubic and wanted to move on to having public sex but nothing was working out. She closed the blog after publishing.

After work that Tuesday afternoon, she came home and saw a new message from BigWatcher1346. I want to watch you in person and then we can meet up and fuck in public. Tell me you can meet me at the **** metro station at 5pm on Friday evening. I’ll be there. Will you? Are you up for the dare?

With her heart racing and a turn on creeping into her skin and body trembling, she thought a while and then composed a private comment back to him. They began an exchange and he sent a picture of himself and though she knew the lines of I’m a normal guy and sane, just lonely could be the very words of a serial killer but he seemed okay overall.

She decided to go for it. She blogged to her regular readers that Friday was going to be something new and she would post a video for the first time. She agreed to meet him.

She arrived at the train station at 4:45 pm and sat down in the far end of the platform on a bench as agreed upon. She had been here a lot and knew that this corner was out of sight of most passengers because most people didn’t go all the way down to the end. She wore a halter top and mini skirt with no underwear on. There was an old shell of a pay phone across from the bench and she placed her camera there trained on the seat. Lifting her leg enough to wink her pussy at the camera she began to slowly edge the skirt up and find her wet button ready and eager. She began to circle it and tweak a bit and her breathing became heavier.

Noticing a few curious glances her way by the nearest commuters she was discreet but knew that men often gravitated her way having some inane sixth sense about what was going on. She was not blatant ever but enough that people figured things out. Ten minutes later, she saw out the corner of her eye, one guy watching her intently and saw his work satchel hanging over his work pants in the front. She turned slightly to make eye contact and smiled at what she saw. He was sexy indeed and his picture had not done him justice. She still silently prayed that he was not a Ted Bundy wannabe but as the lights came up for the next train she knew it was game time. Straightening her skirt she stood up and grabbed her camera and put it on pause. The train pulled in and passed and the wind lifted her skirt as the vacuum of air was pushed through the tunnel. She found herself a few feet away from the end of the train and she boarded the empty car and sat in the alcove near the back that had a semi private wall. She waited a second and saw her admirer come in. He made his way toward her and she set the camera on the window ledge, pressed start again, and did not say a word as he sat in the chair facing her, close enough that their knees almost touched. Not a word was spoken. He winked and she smiled and parted her legs and raised them up. A few other businessmen but no women, had entered the top of the car but could not see the alcove unless they walked down.

BigWatcher reached under her skirt and felt the heat that her womanhood was already in and her eyes closed halfway in pleasure as he brushed her lower lips with his fingers. He came in contact with the magic spot and she moaned softly. He reached his other hand out to the camera and guided it under her short blue skirt. His fingers worked magic and she leaned into it and moaned again. Two closer passengers raised a glance in their direction and BigWatcher moved the camera slowly to pan secretly to the open v of her legs. Then he turned it around and opened his belt with one hand while moving to caress her breasts through the top. She lowered a side of the halter and revealed a brown ringed nipple that stood to full attention. He gave a sigh and turned the camera onto his peeking out cock and then Kylie appeared in the frame as her lips engulfed his cock in a near thirsty move.

The two guys nearby exchanged glances and walked slowly in mutual curiosity and as they came near the alcove they saw the pretty little blond bouncing her mouth on the cock of the passenger. Without filming the faces BigWatcher captured their nearby feet on the camera and returned to the enjoyment of the cock sucking.

Soon, he lifted Kylie’s mouth from his cock and looked into her eyes. She smiled wetly from her saliva and he was close to coming but this was for her blog, this was about to get better. He flicked her nipple and pushed her back upright into her seat and he turned questioningly to the two guys watching the show and staring at the hot pussy that was nearly fully exposed as her skirt encircled her waist. They shrank back for a second and he patted the lovely woman looking askingly at him gently and he rose. He walked to the two guys and whispered. “She’ll suck you off and I want to film it but your faces will not show. Opportunity of a lifetime. Take it or leave it.”. He sat back down and waited a second and suddenly the feet of the men came into view and the unzip sound was unmistakable. She sucked three cocks in turn and then cuddled up onto BigWatchers lap facing him she rode his cock and sucked the nearest two off. The other businessmen had meandered down to see and the effect was complete.

That night her blog was a hit and her pussy was well fucked over and over and over again as BigWatcher lay in her bed watching the video and taking care of his new friend.


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