What can I say other than I am 20 years old and my name is Donna. I want to share my favorite Christmas story of all time because I can’t believe it happened and I think it needs to be documented forever. I share it for all your horny readers and for my own posterity.

It was a Christmas party last week at my parent’s house and I was setting up with my very best friend, Lucida. Lucida is a Peruvian immigrant that came to my school two years ago when her family moved here and she didn’t speak much English at first. I took pity on her struggle to keep up in school and we became friends and talked as much as we could to communicate. Dear god though, she was the first female figure that I ever questioned my sanity around as her body is rocking! When I say my sanity, I mean by very sexuality because I never thought that for one minute I would think on being into girls.

Anyway, to the story, we were setting up for the party and I was placing decorations around the walls and I looked over at Lucida. She was holding a spray of mistletoe in her hands and looking uncertain at it. I asked her what she was wondering and she said “Why you place this up?” I explained the theory behind mistletoe as best as I know which has to do with the Greeks who used is a cure for many ailments such as period cramps and the Roman Naturalist Pliny the elder who gave it power over epilepsy and poison. However, the Druids in the 1st century also mentioned that since it bloomed in winter, it had powers of virility. So now, we kiss under it. It is tradition!

She nodded solemnly and put it over the doorway and I smiled at her but then suddenly she looked at me and pulled me close and gave me a kiss. Now, this was not a sweet chaste kiss. She pulled me in hungry. She pulled me in and in my surprise I leaned into her and my mouth seemed a life of its own. I kissed her back like I’d been waiting all my life to do so. When her hand came up and began to tweak my nipple I did pull back in surprise and look at her questioningly. She smiled and said “When in Rome…. “And I finished with.. “Do as the Romans do…”

Our kisses became a little frantic because my pussy was wetting and softening under her touch and God knows she sensed that as she began to steer me toward my bedroom. We fell on my bed and our clothes got jumbled in our haste to kiss more. Soon I was lost in ecstasy when her mouth disengaged from mine and suddenly heat flooded my clit as her mouth latched onto it.

The next was the probing fingers as she stuck them deep inside my wetness and her tongue continued its assault on my love mound. I weakly looked up and laughed “You get into the Christmas spirit very nicely.” Her eyes twinkled in return as her mouth was too full to laugh.

We did eventually get back to holiday decorating but oh I was sure I didn’t need to ask Santa for anything because I just got the best toy ever in Lucida.


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