Crazy as I am, since I was little, I always loved to dance, run and do crazy things, such as to play in the rain, and jump from high things, like trees, big rocks. Now I was in my twenties, and I would do a lot of radical sports, I have this friend, and we would always go doing things around, and camping. There was this one day, I had him coming over, since we planned to go biking the next day, so he arrived later on in the night, and we decided to watch a movie, it was a horror movie. Then it started to rain, each time harder and harder with lightning and all. My friend started to scare me, and I was trying not to show that I was scared. So we made a bet, if I where courageous enough to go out in the rain, late in the night, close to the trees for at least ten minutes, I would prove not to be a scary cat, and then he would owe me one. This was the one of the many things we had in common, we were scared of the dark, and we believed in creatures, and aliens, and Big Foot, and the Loch Ness Monster, Witches and etc.

But anyways, I had made up my mind and so I decided to prove him wrong. Before I went out, I had to take a shot of courage (tequila), and right after I went on running to the garden. Close to the trees I stayed with my eyes closed, without shoes, I felt the wet grass under my feet, and the rain drops falling on my hair and face, and it was great! I had a white blouse on, with a small short I was wearing, I felt free! Then after a while, I went back inside the house. I was entirely wet, and my clothes where now very slicked to my body, and my nipples where hard, besides that, I felt the hot tequila shot having effect, burning down on my chest. Since I won the bet, I told him he had to go out there too. He would have to do the same that I did. It was hard for him, but in the end he kept his word. And so he went, he took off his shirt, and shoes, then he took a shot also, and he went running to the outside area, where I was before.

Ten minutes had passed, and then I took another shot, and I ran outside towards him before he had time to go back in, I jumped on his back, and then we slipped and fell on the grass that now was extremely soaked with so much rain. As I we tried getting up, I had my hands on his strong shoulder, and we were face to face under the rain, with our chest warm, and the heat going lower and lower. I gave him a kiss, and then we started making out, he took off my clothes, and I took off his pants while kissing, and then penetrating with a lot of passion, we had an incredible sex, feeling the mother nature all around us. The touch of the skin, the looks we exchanged, it showed so much, like we were meant to be there in that exact time. Well after that, the next day, we were just back to being friends…..


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