Mr. Forearm

On October 25, 2013, in Dirty Little Secrets, Erotica Stories, Readers Own Stories, by Beatrix Kix

He had the biggest dick I’ve ever seen.

The first time he showed it to me, we were in a wicker loveseatstyle swing on the indoor front
porch of this party house he lived at. It was three in the morning and we’d been talking all night. I
wouldn’t say I was drunk, maybe I had been, but by that time, all I was feeling was horny, and he
was too, so we went out on this indoor porch swing to talk. Talking turned into kissing and
kissing turned into him running his hands up my shirt, which turned into him putting his hand
down my pants.

The party was mostly died down except people like us looking to get some action. He had
cousins visiting so we couldn’t go into his room, and as long as we were out on the porch where
anyone could walk in, I felt like I wanted to keep my clothes on. Not that I didn’t want to get naked
with him, but this was the kind of house where if you got lost in a moment of abandon and
someone walked in and you didn’t know it, you were likely to wind up with video evidence of
yourself all over the internet. So I made sure to keep my pants on.

I was so wet and worked up, that by the time he had his fingers sliding up inside me, I was buck
wild, grinding on his hand so hard I thought I might hurt him, but he didn’t say anything, just
fingered me harder, so I grinded on him harder, and before I knew it, I was riding his hand and
moaning, thinking about what if someone walks in but not even caring. I came and then he
rubbed on my clit a little bit and we slowed down, him sucking on my neck, and me getting
hungry for cock.

I put my hand down his pants and oh my god, if anyone had heard me, they would’ve thought I
was coming again, I screamed so hard. His dick was so big, I wanted to measure it to my
forearm. I’m a short girl and I think his dick might have been longer than my forearm, or at least
as long, but he wouldn’t let me measure it. He seemed to get embarrassed by the way I reacted
to his cock. I tried to tell him it was a good thing but he wouldn’t listen. So I decided instead to
show him that having a huge cock is nothing to be embarrassed about.

I got down on my knees in front of him and accidentally pushed the swing too far back and it
swung at me and his knee hit my chin and knocked me over. It was my turn to feel
embarrassed, but he didn’t react, so I moved on, got back in place, my favorite place, on my
knees in front of Mr. Forearm, and started licking on his dick. I put the head in my mouth and
sucked it until he was hard, and then worked on getting as much of that monster in my head as I
could swallow. I worked at it, taking his shaft with my hand and in my throat. Even though I
couldn’t get him all in, I sucked him until my jaw got locked up and sore and then I stroked him
with both hands. When he came I gobbled up his head and sucked down his cum. Even though
his dick was too big for me to suck him off right, I was glad to taste his cum. Sometimes all a
girl needs is practice.


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