My Best Mates Mom

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When I was sixteen, me and my best mate were always playing pranks on each other. So one day I sneak into his room while he’s at a baseball game to set up a camcorder. I’d had the idea of catching him wanking and getting it on camera, I thought it would be funny. I’d show it to our group of mates and we’d all have a laugh and that would be that.
Except it didn’t go to plan.
When I collected the camcorder I thought nothing of it, in fact, I forgot about it for a few hours. When I finally played it, it wasn’t Jason that walked in, it was his mom. Everyone in our year always joked about how much of a MILF she was and fuck, I’m telling you his mom was a real woman. She had curves, not like the girls I saw at school. And I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; she lay down on his bed, stripped her clothes off and started playing with herself. She moaned loud and made it clear she was really into it. After she was done she redressed and left the room.
I always thought it was really strange, I couldn’t understand why she did it and why on Jason’s bed. But I like to think that she knew I put the camera there. It was the entirety of my wank bank my teenage year. And I still have the tape to this day.


Photo source: Soft Screams

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