My names Jessica and I’m twenty-three, and I find it a huge turn on to masturbate in public. It’s taken me to new heights of pleasure. I’m not quite sure when it started; at first I would only do it occasionally, I would do it on the bus, on the subway or find a quiet place like a toilet or in department store changing room. But now I do it almost every day; I have to get a cab to and from work, and there’s nothing like de-stressing myself after a hard day like playing with my pussy in the back seat. Sometimes the drivers don’t notice, but a lot of the time they do. And now they know to look for me.

This one guy pulled over and started jerking off, his cock was huge, maybe eight inches and it was perfect. I ended up in the front seat, deep-throating him while he stuffed his fingers in my cunt. It was fucking perfect.

Since then, the cab drivers know me by name and take turns fucking me after I finish work. Sometimes they drive me back to the depo if I’ve got time to spare, a group of them fuck my pussy and ass, and they take it in turns coming on my tits and fucking my mouth.

It’s my dirty secret and it makes my pussy drip just writing about it now. I love it.


Photo source: I Love Sexy Pics Tumblr

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