When I was at college I totally screwed up one of my papers, it was my own fault because I went to a huge party and was too hungover for the next few days to concentrate. I thought I’d end up failing until I heard a rumor about the Professor. One of the girls in my dorm told me that he hadn’t marked the papers yet and that he was accepting “payment”. I was naïve at the time and I thought she meant money at first. She laughed at me and made a crude gesture, I wasn’t that innocent that I didn’t understand.

I made an appointment at his open office hours the next day and gave him some sob story, I insisted I do would anything. Luckily he was good looking, he was one of the younger teachers at the college. I’d never sucked dick before and I told him so. He said he liked that. I got onto my knees and I unzipped his trousers, when I got his cock out he was already hard. I sucked him down deep, stroked his cock, he taught me how he liked it and I let him come in mouth. I found that I liked it.

I visited his office a few times that year and I graduated near the top of my class.


Photo Source: I Love Sexy Pics Tumblr

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