I had a lot of boyfriends through high school so most people assumed I wasn’t a virgin by the time I was in my last year, but it wasn’t true. The guys gossiped between themselves, they all spouted a load of crap and pretended they had all bedded me when it wasn’t true. I didn’t care but I didn’t want to date any of them again. I’d learned my lesson.

Soon after I met Brandon, he was gorgeous, with deep brown eyes and messy black hair. He was a sweet and a lot different to all the other boys in my class, he had transferred from another school and was pretty popular as soon as he walked through the door. For some reason he took an instant liking to me and asked me out. He was good looking and a lot nicer than a lot of the jerks I had dated. I said yes and I agreed to go out for a drive with him. I guessed he thought I must have been pretty easy, I was sure that some of my ex’s had told him a load of crap but I didn’t care, I didn’t want to judge him before I’d given him a chance.

He picked me up and brought us both milkshakes and fries from a drive through. It was a lot different to what I thought it would be. It wasn’t awkward at all, we sang goofy songs and drove around randomly. We ended up parking up after an hour or so.

The connection between us was electric. We chatted for ages and he seemed really into me. I really liked him too. I was glad I’d agreed to go out with him. He was really interesting and funny, and several hours into the date he hadn’t even made a move yet.

“You can kiss me if you like,” I said, and he looked surprised. I really wanted him to, I’d had such a good time even though it had been such a simple date so far. It was the most fun I’d had in ages.

“Oh,” he replied and smiled. “I’d like that.” He seemed kinda shy and it made me want him more. He was cute because I could see he was nervous and I liked that, all the guys I’d liked in the past were cocky. He kissed me and it was gentle and his lips were soft. It started slow and hesitant but within minutes we were kissing frantically and we pulled away gasping and looking at each other in surprise.

By some unspoken agreement we stumbled into the backseat and he pulled me into his lap. We kissed again and I ground against his dick, I could feel it pressing against me through my jeans. I was so turned on. We carried on making out until we stripped out of our clothes. He kissed and sucked my neck, cupped my breasts there was no one around so I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I’d be. It felt so easy with Brandon.

I was back in his lap, rubbing my wet pussy against his bare cock and we gasped against each other lips and shared a terrified, knowing look.

“You feel so good,” Brandon moaned. He kissed me again and rolled his hips, his cock felt big as it rubbed against my clit, it was the furthest I’d ever been with a guy and I already thought I was going come all over him.

“You too.” I gasped.

Brandon’s dick pressed near my hole and it felt so fucking good, I ached to be filled but I was scared it would hurt. His cock felt long and thick but my pussy wanted it bad.

“We don’t have to if you don’t want to,” he whispered.

“I’ve never done this before,” I stuttered and let my hips still, though my thighs trembled. Brandon nodded and swallowed thickly. He looked nervous too.

“I guessed that. It’s okay. Me neither,” he smiled and kissed me again.

“I thought those guys would have told you some things…”

“They’re full of shit,” he said and I smiled.

“Do you have anything?” I asked. I hadn’t planned for this, I never guessed I would be losing my virginity in the back of his SUV. His face fell.

“No, I never dreamed this would happen. Fuck, I like you so much. Let’s just… use our hands or something… We can make it special another day, if you want.” My heart leaped at the mention of us meeting again, I thought this might be a onetime thing but clearly Brandon was infatuated with me.

“It’s okay, I have a pill… you know, for my cycle… I really am a virgin.”

“Don’t worry so much. Guys tend to lie. I believe you.”

We kissed again and he started to rock his hips again, he reached between us and gripped his cock, he lined up and pressed the fat head against my entrance. I remember it feeling impossibly large and as he pushed inside, it didn’t take long before we both got over our nerves and I was bouncing in his lap and moaning against his lips. We fucked and they hung out for another hour or so.

We were together since that night, it was a few years before we mutually broke it off. It’s one of the only things I never regretted from my teen years. I’ll never forget Brandon.


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