At one of the many house parties’ I went to when I was younger, I had my first lesbian experience. I was maybe nineteen at the time. I had gone with my friend Alannah, and we both got blind drunk within a few hours. We knew the girl who was throwing the party, her name was Sam and we later became good friends. She said it was fine for all the girls to crash in her room. By 2am we were all stumbling into her room and squeezing into the bed, the room spinning around us. We lay in a row; I was in the middle, Sam behind me and Alannah in front of me. I’m not sure who else was there, but I know it was a tight squeeze and there was at least 2 other girls in the bed with us, and several more on the floor.

Just as I was falling asleep, Sam’s breath started to tickle the back of my neck as she moved. I’d always been really sensitive there and I felt arousal pool in my stomach. I couldn’t help it, but in my drunken state I ground back into her and she giggled as she realized what was happening. I laughed too.

“What are you laughing at?” Alannah asked.

“Ella’s totally turned on ‘cause I’m breathing on her neck.” Sam laughed again and proved a point by licking up the side of my neck. I involuntarily groaned, I knew it was Sam doing it but it didn’t stop me from squirming and rocking back into her again.

“Fuck you guys,” I mumbled, embarrassed.

I was trapped between the two of them and then Alannah decided to make things difficult for me too. She rolled her hips backwards, pressing her ass into me, and for some reason it sent a shock of pleasure through me. I gripped her hip.

It started off as a joke, but before I knew what was happening Alannah was turning around and she was kissing me. Her hand sneaked up my top and touched my tits. Sam gasped and then started to kiss my neck. I knew I should have felt weird letting my friends do that to me, but it felt so good.

Sam’s hand stroked up and down my thigh then petted my pussy through my panties. I moaned into Alannah’s mouth. It carried on this way, the three of us touching and kissing each other through our clothes until it became too much. The alcohol had worn away our inhabitations. We all stripped our tops off and looked at each other’s tits, Sam and Alannah immediately started kissing and licking my nipples. The other girls in the bed were clueless and slept on as my friends eventually pulled my panties off and the two of them played with my wet pussy. Sam rubbed my clit and Alannah fucked me with two of her fingers.

I kissed the two of them, and moaned as I let them take care of me. I don’t remember much after that, it’s all a blur, but I remember coming so hard that I squirted all over my friend’s hands. I also remember going down on Sam and eating her pussy until she was gripping my hair and her pussy was throbbing around my tongue.

Every time we met up after that the three of us had some fun, we fucked each other until the three of us eventually got boyfriends. We’re still friends and sometimes we have a giggle about it.


Photo Source: I Love Lesbian Tumblr

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