My new girlfriend is the hottest thing that I’ve ever had the pleasure to touch. I never thought I’d meet anyone after my divorce last year, but this pretty girl seemed to pop into my life from no-where and she’s changed everything in the best possible way.

Being married for 15 years I’ve always been pretty vanilla in the bedroom, and to be honest I’ve never had a huge sex drive. But Alex seems to bring something out in me that I just can’t control. She’s 10 years younger than me, and she’s got the cheekiest personality which tends to slip through to the bedroom. She’s everything my ex isn’t. Alex is small and sexy, with curves in all the right places. She’s playful and can bite her lip and give me THAT look, and before I know what’s happening she stripping her clothes off and climbing into my lap making me feel like I’m in my 20’s again!

Since I’ve been with Alex I’ve had the chance to explore my kinkier side, and wow, I’ve learned a lot! My favorite game we’ve play so far was when she blind folded me as I lie on the bed. I was tempted to peek but I knew it would ruin the fun. Instead, I played along and I kept my eyes closed tightly. Alex climbed into my lap and I felt everything so much stronger than I usually do, because I couldn’t see there were so many more things that I paid attention to. The excitement as she hovered over my had me hard before she even touched me, and I had to rely on my hands to *see*. She felt amazing as I petted over her stockings, her panties and her bra, somehow it was more sexy than her being completely naked. Damn, she felt so perfect as she sunk down onto my dick, she ground against me and moaned loudly and I felt completely overwhelmed. It is definitely something I’ll be doing again.


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