Me and my sister have never really got along; in fact, there’s always been some competition between the two of us, it was always just a little bit of healthy banter between us. Well, that was until a few weeks ago, when she purposely decided to hit on this guy I liked, Mike. I told her to stay clear but she took that as a personal challenge. She had him on her arm within a week. It was like a slap to the face. She’d always been the prettier twin, we’re non-identical but Beth is the hot, popular one. It made sense that she stood a chance with Mike, but that didn’t make it fair. Which brings me to my confession.

A week after getting one over me with Mike, Beth was at my door.

“Mel, do you have a tampon?” she asked.

I got a huge satisfaction knowing she had her period while she’d got Mike over. I spitefully told her I’d run out.

“Sorry hun, you’ll have to go to the store.” She sighed and disappeared. I heard her yell to Mike that she was running to the store.

I realized I was home alone with my crush, and before I could control myself I was jumping into the shower, quickly cleaning myself and wrapping myself in the smallest towel I could find. I made my way towards Beth’s room before I could lose my nerve.

I acted surprised to find Mike when I barged in. I stood in my skimpy towel, it only just covered me. My perky tits were almost exposed as I gripped the material.

I’ve never really been confident, but I know that just because Beth was prettier, that it didn’t mean that I, Melissa, was ugly. And I’ve definitely got a nice body, a small waist and a cute butt, I have a lot going for me. My tits may not be as big as Beth’s, but I have a small handful.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize you were still here.” I knew I must have been blushing, I was pretending to be a lot more confident than I felt. But Beth had really fucked me off. “I just need to get my shirt, Beth has it.” I explained, and pointed towards her dresser.

His eyes were all over me and my pussy was already wet at the possibilities. He didn’t even try to hide his interest. It gave me the extra boost of confidence I needed. He adjusted his position where he sat and I could see the outline of his hard cock in his pants. My mouth was actually watering. I walked towards the dresser and then slowly bent over to open the drawer. I felt my towel ride up, exposing my bare ass and shaven pussy to Mike. My face was burning as I waited for him to do or say something.

“How far is the store from here?” he asked.

“We have about half an hour. Its fifteen minutes to the store.” I turned as I answered him to take in his reaction. There was no misreading his intentions as he licked his lips and nodded. I dropped my towel.

Mike pushed me onto Beth’s bed and spread my legs. He ate my pussy, he licked deep into my dripping hole and sucked my swollen clit. He shoved a pillow onto my face to keep me quiet. By the time he finally pulled his cock out I was practically crying in need. He shoved his dick into me bar and fucked me hard and fast. I came around his dick twice more before he orgasmed, filling my pussy with his cum. I’m getting hot just thinking it. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that first time. We didn’t talk about it after, he helped me stand and I grabbed my towel. I stumbled from the room, dizzy from pleasure.

I thought it would be the only time until a few days later he had me pressed against my bedroom door while Beth is in the shower. He pocketed my panties while he tongued my pussy until I came on his face.

Now when my sister rubs her hot boyfriend in my face, I just smile and don’t rise to the bait. It drives her insane. If only she knew.


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