Driving home one night from a summer bbq my wife we decided to do something we had not done in a very long time but since the kids were at a babysitters, we were free to go anywhere. We decided to go park. Necking in our car at a regular teenage hangout spot and we felt like youngsters again as we began heavy petting.

We decided to put the top of the convertible down and as it came down so did my wife’s blouse and her upturned nipples were exposed to the cool summer night air. That’s when I looked up and saw a guy walk by our car and just stop ten feet away. He was an older man on a cane and seemed out for a nice walk. I said “hey babe, we have company”. She smiled and said I see him and let’s pretend we don’t. She stood up in the car and shed her clothing much to my surprise and made sure that this man could see everything.

She lowered herself again and sat high up on the back of the front seats and spread her legs and told me lick her pussy right there and I did so forgetting quickly about the man. By the time I was done with that job, there were more people in cars around us and the necks of those people were craning to watch as was our old man rubbing himself through his pants.

I was turned on being watched to and my cock was aching. So I turned her around over the seat and lifted her ass and dove into her hard and just fucked her for all I was worth. When we were done, I have to admit we actually got applause. She felt some decorum returning and blushed but when we headed back home we knew we had a memory we won’t forget any time soon and plan to sometime do it again.


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