Mystery Girl

On August 25, 2014, in Readers Own Stories, Romantic Stories, by admin

I see her in my dreams. She lay in bed nude, beautifully asleep. As the moon light shined upon her curves, on her long black hair, on her steady breasts and hard nipples, even when she sleeps, you can feel her sexual desires. She moves towards you and smiles, she puts her hand on her clitoris, and starts to move it gently. She then starts to moan softly, and then whisper your name.
At first I wondered if such girl existed, or only in our dreams, and if I would ever meet one.
I can say I was a lucky guy, wish I hadn’t lost her. Maybe I should have been closer, do something, but to let her go, away from my life.

It was my brothers party, a social evening for new ways to improve our project. We were meeting and discussing new possible ways to improve our country. Later on, I went up by the balcony to drink, and to get lost in my thoughts. Suddenly, this girl, with beautiful long dark hair, and with a long silver dress, started approaching me and starts to talk. That night, we went to the upper balcony where there was no one, and we made love. It was an intense love making, full of passion. When finished I realized I was in love with her, I caressed her until I fell asleep. When I woke up she was gone, no one recognized her with my descriptions, or could help me find her, up until now, I am still searching for her.


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