My missus is full of surprises.

After a recently stressful day at work she proceeded to cheer me up by blowing me in the car. I was actually driving at the time but it was fine, the streets were basically empty and I was driving slow. I thought about pulling over but decided to just get home as soon as possible, the sooner I was home then the sooner I could fuck her.

She started teasing, just enough the make me smile; her hand brushing across my groin and massaging me through my pants. I grinned at her and scooted down so she could pop my button open. She took my cock out with a pretty smile on her face and then swallowed it down. She quickly got into a steady rhythm, lying low so anyone passing couldn’t see her.

After a few minutes I thought I was gonna bust a nut already so I sped up as I was just around the corner. As soon as we were in the driveway I was gripping her hair and thrusting into her
warm mouth. I couldn’t help myself. She moaned as I came in her mouth, and I did too. Wow, she really knows how to cheer me up.


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