My names Hannah and me and my girlfriend Pansy can never get any damn privacy. Both of our parents are constantly at home so we have nowhere to go to fuck. They make us leave the door open so it’s impossible.

Recently Pansy surprised me, she pulls me through the trees of a nature preserve that we pass one day, and out of sight. I figure out what she’s doing pretty fast and I quickly get excited. We look behind us and giggle as we run. When we’re deep enough in the forest, I find myself slammed against tree.

She latches her lips onto mine and runs her hands over me. My heart is beating like mad in my chest. It turns me on to know that anyone can walk past and find us at any time. Her hands roam over every part of my body she can reach, she touches my tits and slots her leg between my thighs and rubs it against my pussy. I moan and she giggles and shushes me. She cups my tits again through my blouse and kisses my neck. A smile flickers across my normally innocent face. I unbutton my blouse and unclasp my bra at the front, I let my tits out in the cold air. My pussy throbs at being this naked in public.

Pansy watches me, her eyes all over me. She kisses me again, her hands run over my bare thighs and I open my legs wider.

“I want you so bad,” she whispers to me, and my emotions go crazy for her. I’m so turned on and dazed in all the bliss.

She reaches under my skirt, rubs my pussy through my knickers. It sends me weak at the knees.

“You’re so fucking wet.” I nod and roll my hips as she circles my swollen clit.

“Put your fingers in my pussy,” I reply, grinning. I pull my skirt up and drop my panties, I show her how wet my pussy is, exposing myself for anyone to see if they pass. My pussy is hot and wet, and my tight hole needs to be filled. I beg her to fuck me. “Come on, touch my hole, fucking lick my cunt,” I tell her. She gets on her knees leans forward to lick the juices from my pussy. I moan and lean my weight against the tree. I grip her hair and hold her in place, I rub my pussy over her mouth, I ride her face and smear my arousal all over her face. She moans like crazy, she loves the taste of me.

I look down and watch her, and she looks up at me, she lifts her skirt too and pulls her panties down, her tongue not leaving me. She watches me as I watch her, she starts to finger her hole. She’s got a perfect pink pussy and she shoves three fingers into her hole. She fucks herself right there on the floor.

We fuck each other, come all over each other, right there in the trees. We fuck each other until it starts to get dark and we have to go home. It was fucking amazing.

Now we never worry about not having privacy, we just return to that place when we’re horny.


Photo Source: I Love Lesbians Tumblr

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