Pool Party

On October 25, 2013, in Dirty Little Secrets, Erotica Stories, Readers Own Stories, by Katie Finch

It was the middle of July, and my new boyfriend Freddie and I were headed to my friend Ricky’s house for a pool party. Not only were Ricky’s parents out of town, but she had their blessing to have people over while they were away — after they explained to her that since she was legally an adult, she would be responsible if anything bad happened.

I had just celebrated my eighteenth birthday, and so far, this was the best summer I’d ever experienced, and it was all because of Freddie. I’d had a couple of boyfriends before, but none of them had seemed as totally into me as Freddie. I’d never known what it was like before to be with someone who couldn’t take their hands off me, who just couldn’t get enough of me. But as I got out of the passenger side of Freddie’s car, he wrapped his arms around me from behind and started kissing my ear. I could get used to this, I thought to myself.

We greeted our friends out by Ricky’s pool, grabbed a beer apiece and headed for the water. I could feel Freddie’s eyes on me as we stripped down to our swim suits, and I felt proud of myself for snagging a guy like him as I saw the other girls watching him take off his shirt.

We all floated around in the pool for a few hours, laughing and drinking. As the evening went on, Freddie and I started to get more physical in the pool. I sat on his lap while he sat on the pool stairs, and his hand stroked up and down my thigh. We’d kiss every now and then, when we thought people weren’t watching, until finally we wound up making out on the pool stairs.

“Get a room!” someone shouted.
Embarrassed, we pulled away from each other and tried to laugh it off. But then Ricky approached us and leaned in to whisper to me.

“Seriously, though,” she said, “if you guys want some privacy, you can use the guest bedroom. We didn’t need any more encouragement, and slipped away at the first opportunity.

“Did you bring any protection?” I whispered as we walked hand-in-hand into the house. Freddie was the first guy I’d been with, and I was still embarrassed about stuff sometimes.
“Of course, babe,” he replied, squeezing my hand.

We didn’t waste any time once we found the guest bedroom. He pulled me to him and kissed me deeply. I felt my heart rate pick up as my body responded to his touch. I’d been wanting this all night. We’d left our other clothes outside, so we were already mostly undressed.

Freddie’s hands squeezed my butt, then slid up my back towards the ties of my string bikini. He pulled the knots apart with ease, one right after another. As his hands and eyes went to my bare chest, I decided to take initiative and shoved my bikini down to the floor. His eyes lit up at the site of my fully nude body, and I could tell he couldn’t wait to fuck me. He pulled down his swim trunks and pushed me playfully onto the bed. I watched, wet with excitement and full of anticipation, as he slid a condom onto his dick.

“You’re so hot, Katie,” he whispered as he joined me on the bed. I could feel his erection between my legs as he kissed my neck and played with my nipples. I moaned.
“I’m ready, babe,” I said. He pushed himself into me slowly and began to thrust in and out as I clung to his back. We’d only done it a few times before, and this was the only position we’d tried. But after a while I was feeling more adventurous, so I gently pushed him off of me and rolled him onto his back. I straddled him and he smiled when he realized what I was doing. Freddie grabbed both my hips to steady me as I slowly lowered myself onto him. I breathed heavily, feeling even more full than before. We rocked back and forth, each move rubbing against my clit. All I was doing was moving back and forth, but each time I did it I felt the pressure inside me mounting; it got more and more intense until finally, I realized I was about to come.

“Oh God,” I said, panting, my voice much higher than usual. I’d come before, but never while we had sex.
“Yeah?” Freddie said.
“Oh God.. yeah… I — I…” I let out a huge moan as I lost control of my body, totally engrossed in my orgasm. The sensation of me coming must have set Freddie off too, because when I stopped moving, he just held me close to him.

Finally, he spoke again. “So,” he said, “wanna go back out to the pool?”

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