Well, it’s been three years but the truth sticks with me longer and I wonder what would have happened had I stayed and seen what transpired upon awakening together. I did not know who he was until I saw him on the news a few weeks after. I wish I had been stronger. But instead I did the walk of shame.

First, by definition, let me explain what the walk of shame is. The walk of Shame is an expression used by those who impulsively sleep with someone and arise before the other and sneak away to avoid early morning pleasantries with the one who may not be barely remembered or desired in daylight.

It happened in New York when I was 23 years old and newly out of my home and strict upbringing and I went to a wedding of a cousin. The party was a big event connected to affluent families and was one of the best times I’ve ever had. I drank, danced and partied late and a crowd of us ended up at 11pm at night doing a very long pub crawl and gathered more people and more drinks along the way.

I did not remember much after about 2am but woke up in the presidential suite at the Ritz Carlton in bed with someone I did not know at all. His form was under the blankets and his blond hair was only showing as I snuck away leaving a brief note.

Three weeks later, I got the shock of my life when a very high powered young congressman was exposed in a scandal initiated by his wife who found a scrawled note from a woman in his pant pockets. The inquiry also turned up a sex tape on his iPad that leaked on to the internet. I hoped and prayed and begged the powers that be that this was NOT what I thought so I had to check it out.

Splayed legs and a head deep buried in between close up shots and one very well waxed design that was specific and red haired. I closed my eyes and watched as the camera pulled back to reveal my face in a look of inebriated joy as I held the blond hair closer to my mound. It did not occur to me at that point that the filming was rather good for just two people in the room. I watched fascinated as the young man got to his knees and positioned himself up and the camera panned as his rather lovely large cock slid into me. The moan escaped my mouth on film and myself in the present did too as I watched the filming of what must have been the fucking of my life from the sounds I was making. My fingers began to play between my thighs as I watched and then as I shook myself to a very large orgasm I came on the tape, he came and I saw myself laying exposed and open breathing hard. The guy got up and moved back out of view. The camera shook and then I got the surprise of my life… a brunette woman stepped into the view and she smiled back at the camera and dropped over me kissing my mouth hard and long and I was kissing her back with equal intensity. Oh my god, I had been playing with a woman too and did not remember a thing of it!!! I watched her trace her manicured nails down my chest and circle nipples that started to grow again. My breathing intensified again as I watched her head further south after breaking our kissing. She dived hard between my legs and started sucking like a hungry desert traveler weary with thirst. My hips came up off the bed to meet her deep thrusts and I heard the congressman encouraging us both. His hand came into the picture and he tweaked my nipples as she filled my vagina with her tongue. A climax again and then I was amazed that I flipped her over with a quick fluid motion and RETURNED the favor! Oh my god, the big wet smile on my face at the end was something to behold.
Now, I have to say I watched this tape and got so turned on but at the same time it occurred to me that I was very exposed on the internet and it was clearly me.

Yes, there were repercussions and I was shamed in public for a while before people forgot about me and the young woman that was there too had to endure the same public disgust. I had some threats and other unpleasant calls for a while but the fact remains that even Monica Lewinsky knows sensation dies down. However, one afternoon out of the blue I got a call from the other woman. We met for lunch at her house and talked. Then we watched our tape and well I told her that I did not remember it at all. So she showed me!!!!! We both laughed that we did the walk of shame but no regrets!

The congressman got divorced and he went on to still pursue a career but we never talked at all and I have no desire to as I got something even better after that night. A girlfriend!


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