One thing that lots of guys seem to skip out on is foreplay. And yet, it’s probably one of the most important parts of sex. It’s how we, the women, get wetties in our panties. It’s what turns us on or off. It’s an all or nothing thing. That being said, I can’t stand how I always wind up in bed with men who can’t make my pussy soak through my panties. No, they go straight for the pounding with their cocks already erect – no chance to acclimate. It’s one of the main frustrations I have with my husband. He always asks if I cum. I’m honest. No, I didn’t. You didn’t spend enough time working me into a frenzy.

Well, one evening, I guess he’d had just about enough of this issue. When we got ready to go to sleep, he was spooning me. I could feel his rock-hard cock probing my ass cheeks and thighs. I knew he wanted me. But still, he kept quiet and still. Yet, the probing of his erect cock against my body and his warm, rough hands gently caressing my body were getting me hot and heavy. Eventually, this play evolved into him teasing my pussy. He pressed his dick lightly between my legs, against the lips of my pussy. Every now and then, he’d caress my ass with his hands, or run the head of his cock along the rounds of it. Then, I felt him slide his fingers inside the crotch. They moved back and forth, gliding against the soaked folds of my pussy. He pushed one of my legs forward for easier access. I fully expected him to slide his throbbing cock right on in, but he didn’t.

He slipped his entire length and thickness inside my panties, but not in my pussy. The thick, long column of his cock covered my pussy’s entire slit. He began bucking his hips back and forth, his dick sliding along my aching, needy, wet folds over and over again. I couldn’t help but moan. He covered my mouth with his hand. “Shhhhh,” he whispered as he sped up his hip movements. He squeezed my legs tightly around his pulsing, engorged length. There was no escape from the teasing pleasure that engulfed my feverish cunt. His hands covered my tits, fingers pinching my nipples mercilessly. His breathing, hot as fire, brushed relentlessly against the back of my neck.

I begged him to put it inside so he could fill my pussy to the brim with his erection. But he refused. He seemed to enjoy my pleasure induced agony far too much to ease up, to give me a break. Finally, he stopped pumping himself back and forth between my legs. He just remained still, making me ache even more. “I just want you to feel what you do to me. Just for a second,” he whispered. His cock, thick and veiny with arousal, pulsed against the lips of my pussy. Oh, I could feel it. When he finally pulled himself away to peel off my panties, a slick string of my juices had soaked my panties. A spot of my cum strung itself from the fabric to my pussy. He grinned and laughed, “Satisfied?”


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