I have to get it out. I dreamt of him last night, that wonderful man I work with. The one man that made me stray from my marriage when I thought that my marriage was nearly over anyway. I had to tell him that I wanted him again. It’s been so long. So I wrote him a letter.

Dearest Forbidden One,

I write to tell you my dream last night and as I write this, my body is tingling. Can we be together again? It’s hard to find the time to do so. It’s been awhile since we were together and our bodies are keening for each other but opportunity keeps eluding us until this day when you are off work and I have an unexpected day free from work. You pick me up in the car and our eyes take in each other as we drive toward your empty home.
You eye my cleavage as you drive and your mouth is watering to lick the tips of my nipples and to suck them into your mouth with increasing eagerness. My heart rate increases.
Your hand slides up my skirt and with your eyes still on the road you find my pussy already wet and warm to the touch as you seek my clit.
I sigh as you twirl your finger around the button that makes me quiver for you.
We get to your house and I give you a quick squeeze through your pants finding you already so hard for me. As soon as the door shuts behind us, you grab me and pull me into a kiss that leaves my legs weak and your hands are lifting my shirt in a frantic rush to get my breasts crushed up against you.
My hands find your belt buckle and I get your pants down as fast as you took away my shirt and I sink down to my knees to take your hard cock into my mouth and I savor the flavor of the pre-cum already waiting there for me. I lick it off delicately and then plunge you all the way down into my throat. A moan escapes your lips and I come up and lead you to the bed as we toss off our remaining clothing.
I lay down and smile to you to come to me and suck on my tits to your hearts content but you not only take them into your mouth but your hand finds my clit and you nibble hard and rub me into a frenzy. I stroke your head as you nibble and encourage you to make them raw and I’m starting to feel the beginnings of an orgasm as you play with me. I know that I want to come all over your cock so I guide you into my pussy and rock with you….. More later….
Goodnight,. Sleep well. I wish we could be together again soon.

With anticipation, ME xxx.


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