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Me and my lady friend have started playing a game; we both work in the public library, she works in the office and I’m a librarian. The game is simple, we have to keep quiet.

There are more than a few places that don’t have cameras, and we take advantage of that. There’s a window of time where the library is pretty quiet, it’s normally around 2ish. We both sneak off and meet in our chosen place. Sometimes we fuck, or sometimes we take turns to go down on each other, either way it’s always amazing and a LOT of fun. It certainly breaks up the day.

She’s taken to wearing no panties under her skirt; she says it makes her feel dirty. Ordering books chronologically are the last thing on my mind as the clock ticks closer to 2.

By the time we meet I can’t think about anything else, I’m ready to hike her dress up and have my way with her. She’s normally already wet at that point, the excitement getting the better of her, and she’s dripping down her thighs. I lick it up eagerly, delving my tongue into her as she rides my face and struggles to keep quiet.

The fun part of the game is that it’s my job to pull every trick in the book to make her moan like a bitch. She’s normally quite good at being quiet, but I’m determined, and after watching her wiggle her ass around all day in her tight dress I really need to feel her come around my tongue. I fuck her with my fingers until she’s whimpering above me and I can feel her clit throbbing and pulsing.

This time she wins, she manages to stay quiet like a good girl. But there’s always next time.


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