After a long, hard workout at the gym, I headed home to get a shower. My boyfriend was in the kitchen, making a turkey sandwich or something. He gave that look – the one that says “I want you,” without words. I was still dripping with sweat, my skin glittering with perspiration. I pressed my ass against his crotch, feeling his cock become erect as I got a glass of water. Oh, but I had to take a shower. I kissed his cheek and told him maybe later. If there’s one thing that turns me on more than anything, it’s being a tease. And my boyfriend can’t resist a tease.

So I went into the shower, turned on the hot water so it was almost scalding, and undressed. I sang one of my favorite tunes as loud as I could. After a great day, why the fuck not? Besides, singing in the shower is sort of a mating call for me. And I wanted a certain shower buddy to join me. As I rubbed my body down with soap, I heard the bathroom door open. I peeked through the curtain to see him undressing himself. A rich lather of white soap covered my skin, washing down my tits and thighs. As his cock sprung free of his boxers, my pussy electrified with arousal. The fever of sexual desire blossomed from the tip of my clit to the base of my belly like a rose bud just awakening.

He stepped into the shower with me. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft of his cock, gently tugging the thin layer of flesh up and down. He moaned voraciously, throwing his head back as though my touch relieved him. But the animal within him awakened quickly. He grabbed my shoulders, turned me around, and slid his cock up and down the slit of my ass crack. His hands gripped at the perfect rounds of its cheeks. This man couldn’t resist my ass, even if he tried. He knealt down and bit it, smacking my wet, bare ass with the palm of his hand. It jiggled pleasantly. This kind of rough play is utterly irresistible to me. He stuck a finger inside my tight asshole, causing my pussy to clinch from the mixture of surprise, pain, and pleasure. Then, he teased me with head of his cock.

First, he slowly slipped the head inside. I sucked a breath through my teeth to calm the ache. Then, he pushed himself all the way inside to his hilt. The length created a deep, achy fullness and the thickness was almost unbearable. He began pumping back and forth, taking his cock away before sliding it all the way inside again. I reached down and rubbed my clit, feeling my slippery juices cover my pussy. The water pounded comfortingly on my back. We went on this way for so long, I could barely continue to stand up. He finally came, filling my asshole up with his scalding hot juices. When he finished, and I cleaned myself up, he said, “You shouldn’t sing in the shower like that. Someone might hear you.” Oh, if he only knew.

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