Hello guys, I’m here to share my dirty little secret. It was last summer, and we had some family and friends visiting us for vacation. Since we lived close by the beach, it was the family’s most visited place. In that house I lived with my mother, aunt and sister. My father had passed away two years before that. My male cousin was thinking about moving over, since the house was big, and only women lived there, so he thought we needed protection. In that weekend we were expecting him and four of my cousins, plus some friends.

Since I was the youngest of the house, I was mainly in my space, my little world, always to be left alone, and I liked it! I would always take long walks by the beach, so that I was by myself to think. I love the silence, only the noise of the sea and some birds flying around. That night when my cousin was arriving I decided to go for my evening walks. Last time he visited us I caught him with a girl in my bedroom having sex on top of my pillow, so I was still mad at him.

Well, recently I had been very lonely since my boyfriend had just broken up with me and for some reason it never worked out with all boyfriends. It was a little unusual for a pretty girl to be alone back there in that time. There wasn’t many girls around, mainly guys. That night the images I had seen in my bedroom came back into very vivid flashes and I kept seeing my cousin having sex with that blonde naked girl on my bed. I was wanting some male attention, the type of attention that every woman needs. As I jogged, I started to get in my mind and imagining sexual things. I was in some weird horny galaxy, everywhere I looked, I saw things maliciously and I couldn’t find the turn off button.

By the time I arrived home, it was past dinner time and I heard an unfamiliar voice. As I walked to the living room I was surprised by the sudden ‘hello’ of my cousin and tap on my back. I startled and then punched him on the arm, he laughed and then presented me to a friend of his that was in the living room talking to my cousins and other friends. After that we all stayed talking for hours, and little by little everyone started to leave the room, the only ones left was me my cousin and his friend. We started drinking some wine, and since my cousin had already started his drinking earlier on he just fell asleep. I just was getting started.

So now it was just me and that handsome looking guy. So we started talking about life, hobbies, friends, etc. After that we opened our fourth wine bottle, and we started talking about boys and girls. Then he told me this story of an ex-girl that he had, and started to get down into interesting details, such as how she had big boobs and he liked to squeeze them while biting the nipple. And that he loved how she would moan so loud when he put his dick inside her pussy, and the finger in her asshole, moving it in circles.
And he also wouldn’t stop talking about how she would move her ass on top of him going up and down, just perfectly. He also spoke about her blow jobs, how she would rub her tongue in between his balls, from the bottom to the top. And she would let his dick go up into her throat and that she would swallow it all in the end.
She would shake her ass so desperately like she wasn’t fucked in ages. All she wanted was his dick to fuck her all the time. I won’t lie, he used perfect words to describe everything she did, and I was excited. The way that he explained it to me, I could imagine seeing it happen.

I was feeling very horny from all these stories. He didn’t notice, but while telling these stories, I was biting my lip, and my lower lips where so wet I was moving all the time. I couldn’t stay still, my lips were extremely red and I was horny. When he finished it, he touched my arms, caressing them softly and asked why my lips were so red, I said it was the wine. After that he told me that it was my turn to tell stories. I was so turned on that I couldn’t focus on telling stories, so I approached him, and whispered into his ear ‘I won’t tell it, but if you let me, I will show it to you.’ And then I licked his ear and put my hands inside his jeans.


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