I had always thought I was straight. As in, I always thought I only liked pussy. Then again, I’d never tried batting for the other team. But I’d also never had the chance to. One day, at the gym, this guy was lifting weights. He had his shirt off. I could see each and every defined muscle ripple with each movement. I got caught in the moment, staring at him. That is, until he noticed me. He dropped his weight. “Like what you see?” he asked, a wicked grin crossing his face. “Huh?” I asked, still in a stupor. “You’re basically drooling, my friend,” he replied.

I quickly got back to my workout session, glancing away. But the bulge beneath my gym shorts was a little too obvious for my comfort. I hit the shower room to take a cold shower and calm myself down. I had to admit, I was embarrassed by my reaction. I’d never gotten a hard-on in public, let alone because of some guy working out. As I prepared to undress, I got the sense that I wasn’t alone. “What are you running from?” asked a voice from the other end of the room. There was that same guy, leaning against the wall. He seemed to be checking me out.

“Those washboard abs, bro,” I replied jokingly. He began to walk toward me. This wasn’t helping my erection situation. I got the sense that he approved. His eyes were glued to my crotch. “Taking a shower, huh? Mind if I join you?” he asked. I wasn’t sure how I should answer. Part of me wanted to, but the other part reminded me that I’m supposed to be straight. But, hell, I’ll try anything once, right? “If you’re sure you can handle all this cock,” I finally replied. “Well, I’m usually a top, but bottom’s nice too.” We went into the shower together. I peeled off my clothes. I turned the water on scalding hot as he bent over. He had a nice ass. I rammed my raging hard-on into his asshole – which was tight. So tight, I cried out. I ran my thumb around the rim of his asshole, causing him to tighten up even more. He moaned indulgently. “You feel bigger than you look. And you already look massive,” he purred. As I pumped my hips back and forth, sliding my aching cock in and out of his asshole, I ran my hands along the incredible ropes of muscle that twisted around his body – including his washboard abs.

He stood up a bit to jerk his own dick off as I humped him, my thrusts becoming more and more forceful with each move. I pushed his hand away from his dick, and wrapped my own fingers around it. I squeezed his cock the way his asshole squeezed mine. The thick, hot length throbbed in my palm. Each vein pulsed with blood. He came before I did, but told me to finish. He said he liked it when jizz got spilled inside of him. So I did. I let my full stream of cum fill him up, oozing out as my cock remained inside. I understand why girls like muscled men, now. First hand, I get it, ladies. And I don’t blame you. No homo.


After a long, hard workout at the gym, I headed home to get a shower. My boyfriend was in the kitchen, making a turkey sandwich or something. He gave that look – the one that says “I want you,” without words. I was still dripping with sweat, my skin glittering with perspiration. I pressed my ass against his crotch, feeling his cock become erect as I got a glass of water. Oh, but I had to take a shower. I kissed his cheek and told him maybe later. If there’s one thing that turns me on more than anything, it’s being a tease. And my boyfriend can’t resist a tease.

So I went into the shower, turned on the hot water so it was almost scalding, and undressed. I sang one of my favorite tunes as loud as I could. After a great day, why the fuck not? Besides, singing in the shower is sort of a mating call for me. And I wanted a certain shower buddy to join me. As I rubbed my body down with soap, I heard the bathroom door open. I peeked through the curtain to see him undressing himself. A rich lather of white soap covered my skin, washing down my tits and thighs. As his cock sprung free of his boxers, my pussy electrified with arousal. The fever of sexual desire blossomed from the tip of my clit to the base of my belly like a rose bud just awakening.

He stepped into the shower with me. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft of his cock, gently tugging the thin layer of flesh up and down. He moaned voraciously, throwing his head back as though my touch relieved him. But the animal within him awakened quickly. He grabbed my shoulders, turned me around, and slid his cock up and down the slit of my ass crack. His hands gripped at the perfect rounds of its cheeks. This man couldn’t resist my ass, even if he tried. He knealt down and bit it, smacking my wet, bare ass with the palm of his hand. It jiggled pleasantly. This kind of rough play is utterly irresistible to me. He stuck a finger inside my tight asshole, causing my pussy to clinch from the mixture of surprise, pain, and pleasure. Then, he teased me with head of his cock.

First, he slowly slipped the head inside. I sucked a breath through my teeth to calm the ache. Then, he pushed himself all the way inside to his hilt. The length created a deep, achy fullness and the thickness was almost unbearable. He began pumping back and forth, taking his cock away before sliding it all the way inside again. I reached down and rubbed my clit, feeling my slippery juices cover my pussy. The water pounded comfortingly on my back. We went on this way for so long, I could barely continue to stand up. He finally came, filling my asshole up with his scalding hot juices. When he finished, and I cleaned myself up, he said, “You shouldn’t sing in the shower like that. Someone might hear you.” Oh, if he only knew.

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Nice and Slow

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It was my birthday. And it was a shitty birthday, too. I got bitched out at work by my stupid boss, spilled coffee all over my clothes, and had to listen to some screaming kid in the grocery store while I shopped. Needless to say, I wasn’t in the mood for partying. A few beers, some video games, and a good night’s sleep would have sufficed. But when I got home, my girlfriend had some other ideas. I pulled into the driveway, unlocked the door, and walked into the house to see her sitting on one of kitchen chairs. She was wearing only panties and a ribbon that tied up her wrists.

“Happy birthday,” she purred. I dropped the groceries on the floor and walked over to where she sat. She, herself, was the birthday present. She wore these light pink, cotton panties – my favorite. The ribbon matched. I have a weird affinity for light pink on women. It seems so innocent But the intentions behind her wearing it were not. She asked if I liked my present. I said of course. And asked if there were any specific instructions that came with it. She told me that she thought we could try anal for the first time. I’d been wanting to. She definitely was interested in it, but had always been afraid of it.

I carried her into the bedroom, laid her across the bed, fondled her perfect, round ass cheeks. I pressed my face in between them and breathed deeply. I’d always loved how she smelled, the mixture of soaked pussy and ass. She pushed her ass against my face more. I wouldn’t mind death by suffocation from her ass. I slowly licked the crevice of her ass, sliding one finger inside of the hole. My tongue traced the tight knot of muscle surrounding the hole. She moaned. My girlfriend was as into my birthday present as much as I was. Slowly, I slid two fingers inside, increasing the pressure. By this point, my cock was rock hard. As I ate her ass, I gripped it, tugging at it. It demanded attention, but I needed to savor the sweet ass I buried my face into.

Finally, I pulled the crotch of her moist panties aside, and teased her asshole with the head of my cock. First, I slipped just the tip inside. Her whole body tensed up a bit from the pressure. I waited for a few moments till she told me to go further. I slowly slid the rest of my cock inside, watching her asshole stretch, bit by bit, until it swallowed my dick whole. The hot, warm pressure and tightness that wrapped around my cock almost made me cum immediately. I gripped the pink ribbon that kept her wrists bound together. She lifted up her hips and moaned from a combination of pleasure and pain.

That was my favorite birthday surprise yet – taking my girlfriend’s anal virginity wrapped neatly with a ribbon.