The mistress

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Lending a hand

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Red Light Means Go

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Living in a dorm room can be extremely crowded. You have to make room for the other person’s crap. You have to attempt to coexist peacefully. Deal with your roommate’s weird schedules. All kinds of arguments and issues can happen between dorm mates. So, I don’t need to explain how nervous I was to start college and live in a prison-cell-sized room with a girl I don’t even know. Especially when it’s two girls. I figured we’d either have a cat fight every other day or be best friends. And what if she had a bunch of unnecessary stuff to take up space?

So when I moved my stuff in and met her, I was surprised to discover she had simple taste. And she was very sexy. I’d discovered my attraction to girls in high school. But I didn’t expect to get wet just from meeting my roommate for the first time. I was totally checking her out while we set up our room. She had a great ass, perfect tits, a rocking, curvy body. This would prove a challenge that I hadn’t expected. I already wanted to disappear and make use of my dildo to satisfy my urges. But it’s a dorm room. There’s nowhere to disappear to. Later that night, when we were both tuckered out from moving, she settled into her bed and I in mine. I fumbled around to find my dildo when I though she was asleep. I snuggled back under my covers and started masturbating. I’d been waiting all day.

But then, a soft chuckle came from her side of the room. Embarrassed, I quickly tucked my dildo under my pillow. She shifted around, got up, and plugged in the red Christmas lights she’d hung up. “Red light means go, bitch,” she purred. At first, I was confused. But then, she sat down on my bed, pulled the covers back, and began caressing me with her hands. I was powerless to stop her. I mean, who would want a goddess like her to stop touching?

She slipped her fingers underneath the crotch of my panties. “Already gave you a wettie, huh?” My cheeks burned, but I liked it. I spread my legs even further, giving her more access to all of my soaked folds. After some touching and fingering, she leaned down, and sucked gently on my pussy. I grabbed a fistful of her soft hair, bucking my hips up and down gently. Electricity zipped through my entire body. I asked if I made her as wet as she made me. She said she’d already been thinking about stuff she could do to me all day long. I let her straddle my head and sit on my face. I had each ass cheek in each hand, running my tongue all over her pussy lightly and gently. I watched her fondle her tits from my position beneath her. She moaned loudly. She wasn’t shy about her pleasure. Eventually, our next-door neighbor knocked on the wall, telling us to knock it the fuck off.

Needless to say, my first semester in college was more fun than I could have imagined.


My boyfriend and I had just broken up, and I was feeling extremely sad and lonesome. After posting a depressing song lyric on Facebook, one of my friends messaged me to see if she could come over. She said she’d help cheer me up. Being one of my best friends, I knew she would. She always managed to make me laugh, no matter how upset I got. So I told her to come on over and bring a gallon of ice cream. When she arrived, we settled into my bed to watch a scary movie together. She painted my nails. We had a pillow fight. It was just like old times, when we used to have slumber parties together as kids. Only this time, things weren’t so innocent.

After I complained about my current situation, she asked me if I was going to go lesbian or something. I said no. I’ve never seen myself batting for the other team. She said I’d never tried – and she was right. Long story short, we ended up playing a game of truth or dare. She picked truth, and I asked her to tell me about her last wet dream. She blushed. I mean, her cheeks turned bright red. She said, “Well, it was about you. And me.” Oddly enough, I was kind of turned on by the fact that she had fantasies about me. I mean, I always thought she was attractive. I just never pictured myself with another girl. Until that point. After she told me about how we made out, how I’d touched her pussy until she came, and how she returned the favor by eating my ass, it was my turn to pick. “Truth or dare?”
Fuck it. I was single. I could have a new experience, couldn’t I? I picked dare. We both knew exactly where this was going. She smiled wickedly, and dared me to make out with her. To make her dream come true. We leaned in. It was awkward at first, but then I started to really get into it. She sucked on my tongue, bit at my lower lip, fondled my tits. I loved the warmth and smoothness of her skin against mine. She leaned back on the pillows, and I fingered her. She was soaking wet! My fingertip grazed the soaked folds of her pussy and clit, until she couldn’t take it anymore. I put two fingers deep inside of her pussy, and felt her clench up around them.
After she came, I straddled her head so I could sit on her face. Her tongue explored every inch of exposed cunt that it could. I could barely stand how good it felt. She sucked gently on the folds of my pussy and clit, tugging them downward slightly. Before long, my thighs were shaking and I could barely hold myself up anymore. After I came, she slid a finger inside of me, tasting my cum.

Now, I understand why guys chase pussy like starving lions hunting a meal.