I recently got a new roommate – a girl. This was a new thing for me. I’ve always enjoyed my single life, so I’ve never really gotten involved enough with a girl to live with her. Even though the new roommate wasn’t my girlfriend, I was nervous about how things would go. You know, typically girls can get pissed about the stupidest shit. Like if you leave the toilet seat up. Or if you leave some stubble in the sink after you shave your face. But with this girl, there was more than meets the eye. She stayed in her room for the most part to start with, only coming out to shower or eat or go to work. We hardly said a word to each other. Better than I expected.

One night, I stayed awake in the living room. I watched porn on my HD television. My roommate had gone out with some friends, so I had the whole place to myself. But, much to my surprise, she came back suddenly. On the screen was a man getting his cock sucked. This girl was deep throating his massive dick. Shit. How embarrassing, right? But she came in, stood behind me, and watched for a few moments in silence. “You know I can do that, too, right?” she finally asked. That was the most she said to me since she moved in. “Oh, really?” I asked. “Weren’t you going out tonight or something?” She replied that she’d forgotten her phone. But that she’d also be happy to demonstrate her dick-sucking skills.

What man in his right mind will say no to an offer like that? Especially coming from a sexy woman with a cute freckled face? I pulled down my pants and let my cock stand erect. She knelt down, looking up at me boldly. She held eye contact as she began taking my full length in her mouth. My cock began sliding down her throat, the edge of her teeth teasing the shaft. Not like some girls, who bare down too hard and make it hurt. Just enough to make me go a little crazy. She pulled away for a moment. “Fuck my face. Go ahead.” She almost seemed to be daring me. I wrapped my hand around her throat so I could feel my cock open it up. Then, I began bucking my hips back and forth, enjoying the warmth and wetness of her mouth. Her tongue covered the bottom side of my cock and her hands gently massaged my balls.

I released my load into her mouth as she licked the tip, circling her tongue around the bulb of the head. Fuck, I’d had great blowjobs before, but this one was tops. She even swallowed my load, savoring the flavor of my cum. “You taste good.” She stood up, walked into the bathroom to clean her face, and grabbed her phone. “See you around, champ,” she said playfully. Best.